1. Indecent Exposure

    Blog Indecent Exposure

    I found myself in a conversation with some younger and some older clergy the other day about Facebook exposure. Do we have FB friends in the congregation? What do they see online…

  2. Working in the Cloud

    Blog Working in the Cloud

    When I came to Ministry Matters in 2010, I set two major goals as I was acquiring tools to help me do my job. First, I wanted to go as “paperless” as possible. It's…

  3. A Guilt-Free Vacation

    Blog A Guilt-Free Vacation

    I took a vacation recently, and frankly, I feel guilty about it. I am, after all, trying to start a new church. Shouldn’t I have been busy doing something productive and…

  4. Loving the Ministry You're In

    Blog Loving the Ministry You're In

    Call me crazy, but I believe those of us who feel a special tug to ministry should actually enjoy the work we are doing in a healthy way, or move on. Does the world need more…

  5. Creating a Good Story

    Blog Creating a Good Story

    When I was a senior in high school, I had an assignment to create a short memoir. I wrote about liking a girl and being young and terrified and not making my move when I had my…

  6. The Secret to a Successful Career in Creative Ministry

    Blog The Secret to a Successful Career in Creative Ministry

    I have a book called Breaking In. It tells the stories of how 20 film directors got their start. Many of the featured filmmakers are A-listers. It is fascinating to read how they…

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