1. Treasure

    Blog Treasure

    At the first mention of the word treasure, my mind is filled with images of pirate ships, deserted islands, and an X that marks the spot. I think of a hidden chest filled with…

  2. Potholes of Stewardship

    Blog Potholes of Stewardship

    Recently I had the opportunity to attend a "Jump Start Your Stewardship" event hosted by the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America…

  3. World Hunger, MSNBC, Mitt Romney, and Socialism

    Blog World Hunger, MSNBC, Mitt Romney, and Socialism

    I get my daily news from a number of sources, mostly online, and as I’m reading I often come across stories that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post, but do raise…

  4. Street Smarts for Pastors

    Blog Street Smarts for Pastors

    When folks come by the church office requesting assistance, how do we know if they are truly needy or simply trying to pull a scam? There are a few simple rules to help you help…

  5. From Donation to Sacrifice

    Blog From Donation to Sacrifice

    I believe that when we become Christian, there is one new birth but many conversions. I became a new person in Jesus in 1969, but I wasn’t converted in my wallet until 1976. …

  6. Money and Guilt Trips

    Blog Money and Guilt Trips

    Several years ago, I was preaching to a group of teenagers about stewardship and I unfortunately played the “feel guilty for spending money” card. I referenced the…

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