1. Community Focused Ministry

    Blog Community Focused Ministry

    Jay Voorhees is the pastor of Old Hickory United Methodist Church. Jay believes to be effective he needs to be involved in his community and believes you should too. You came to…

  2. Making it Magical

    Blog Making it Magical

    Our seven year old experienced his first trip to Disney World on New Year’s Eve. We went to visit family in Florida after Christmas and made a quick trip to Orlando to meet…

  3. The Honesty of Single Encounters

    Blog The Honesty of Single Encounters

    Robert Trivers suggests in his book The Folly of Fools that deceit is a ‘deep feature’ of life, a condition that is quite possibly exacerbated by our brutal genes…

  4. Social and Spiritual Capital

    Blog Social and Spiritual Capital

    One major value of religion is its tendency to build social capital for people, creating networks of relationships that sustain them in both practical and spiritual ways. …

  5. Frank Discussions

    Blog Frank Discussions

    “Words not only affect us temporarily; they change us, they socialize or unsocialize us.” - David Reisman, The Lonely Crowd, 1950 My wife and I were invited to join…

  6. Why I Love Camp

    Blog Why I Love Camp

    I love camp. I love being surrounded by more trees than buildings. I love singing Grace to John Williams’ theme from Superman. I love seeing the half-exhausted, half-excited …

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