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Posted on August 16th, 2012

Bring your whole congregation together to read, pray, and learn. Each of these devotional books is designed to invite the entire church family into a special season of your church year. Available in paperback book or delivered digitally each day, the readings, scripture and prayer support the message you'll be sharing in worship and small groups.

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Committed to Christ Daily Email Devotions $2.99 per email address or recipient

Committed to Christ is a six-week stewardship program that presents giving as a lifelong journey in Christian discipleship.  The devotional companion to the program, 40 Devotions for a Generous Life, is now available as a daily email. The forty devotions include Scripture, a brief story or meditation, and a prayer.  Each week ends with a practical "Take a Step" suggestion.  The series starts with the all-important commitment to Christ, then moves through weekly themes on six steps to a generous life: Prayer, Bible Reading, Worship, Witness, Financial Giving, and Service. With each step, participants are asked to assess prayerfully their own level of commitment and to consider increasing that commitment by one step.

Practicing Extravagant Generosity Email Devotions
  $4.00 per email address or recipient

An indispensable part of the Extravagant Generosity stewardship program, these 28 daily readings by Robert Schnase open the Scriptures to show the joy and grace of giving. Designed to arrive in your mailbox each day,for the four weeks of the program, the readings lead us to explore such questions as “Why do we give,” “Who benefits most from our giving,” and “Where does true contentment come from?”

A Different Kind of Christmas Email Devotions $4.00 per email address or recipient

Every year, we say we’re going to cut back, simplify, and have a family Christmas that focuses on the real reason for the season—Jesus. But every year, advertisements beckon, the children plead, and it seems easier just to indulge our wants and whims. Overspending, overeating, materialism, and busyness rob us of our peace and joy and rob Jesus of his rightful role as the center of our celebration. These devotional readings, arriving in your mailbox each day, are designed to draw your entire family into closer fellowship with God as you respond to this Christmas season and the call of God to live generously all year around. These thirty short reflections include readings, Scripture, prayer, and stories about helping others at Christmas.

You can choose any start date for your email series after November 16. We suggest Sunday, November 25 or Monday, November 26 to align with the Sundays in the A Different Kind of Christmas study and sermon series.

Note: Purchase (1) subscription unit for each email address that you would like to include. Please note that this content is only licensed individually. It is illegal to forward to additional addresses or to post this content on web sites, social media sites or blogs.

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