1. 10 Ways to Be Creative (#3)

    Blog 10 Ways to Be Creative (#3)

    #3 – Do not drop hints about how much money you could make outside the church.“That video would cost you a ton if I worked in the marketplace”, or “I…

  2. Q&A with Francis Chan

    Articles Q&A with Francis Chan

    Francis Chan made headlines last year when he announced he was stepping down from leadership of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, Calif., to follow God's calling to do something…

  3. Dear Pastors, Tell Us the Truth

    Blog Dear Pastors, Tell Us the Truth

    This post was inspired by a few things:   First, the brilliantly titled Epic Fail Pastors Conference, born from the question “What if we offered a space that is…

  4. Review: Web-Empowered Ministry

    Articles Review: Web-Empowered Ministry

    If you’re thinking about building a church website or some form of internet ministry, or if you’re convinced that such a ministry is not anything you could take on…

  5. Praying Our Stats

    Articles Praying Our Stats

    Last month my senior pastor, Alex Joyner, whose title reflects his position in the church, not his age, wrote about a litany I had crafted for our Council on Ministries worship…

  6. How Worship Brought Our Church Back from the Dead

    Articles How Worship Brought Our Church Back from the Dead

    Ten years ago the previous pastor of my church told the congregation, “Our church is dying.” And he was right. For four decades the church suffered slow but steady…

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