Where Are Women Speakers?

by Rachel Held Evans
The other day the keynote lineup for an exciting Christian conference popped up on my Google Reader revealing six black-and-white headshots of men.  I lost interest… read more

Why Numbers Matter

by Shane Raynor
The head usher at a church told me once that he always added 3 to the number of people attending the worship service when he filled out the attendance report.“Why… read more

Loving the Ministry You're In

by Grace Biskie
Call me crazy, but I believe those of us who feel a special tug to ministry should actually enjoy the work we are doing in a healthy way, or move on. Does the world need more… read more

Little Foxes

by Shane Raynor
Song of Solomon 2:15 says, “Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that ruin vineyards. Our vineyards are blooming.” So I guess foxes must be bad if you’re… read more

Sign-up Sheets

by Joseph Yoo
Churches overuse sign-up sheets. Sure, they╩╝re the easiest way to see who's interested in serving/volunteering/attending and so forth. But I wonder how effective sign up sheets… read more

Faith in Technology

by CBS News
CBS News Sunday Morning looks at the relationship between religion and technology, and how various faiths are using the Internet. Video Source: CBS NewsMinistry Matters is not… read more
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