What Pastors Have Never Learned

by Matt Appling
I learned a lot in seminary. It’s a good thing too, because it cost a lot of money.  Chances are, your pastor paid a lot of money to go to seminary too. During that… read more

Leading without Playing God

by Eric Van Meter
My friend John called to tell me he was quitting church. He cited the usual litany of frustrations—needless conflict, boring worship, lack of deep relationships. Then he… read more

Ten Commandments of Worship Experiences

by Shawn Wood
As Experiences Pastor at Seacoast Church, it is my job to help create “spirit-filled, yet not creepy, but kind of mystical connections with God” in our weekend… read more

The "Typical Pastor's Wife" is Dead

by Lori Wilhite
The “typical Pastor’s Wife” is dead. You know, that woman who had it all together, never seemed to struggle, played the piano, attended every event, and met… read more

Go Fix the Problem!

by J. Clif Christopher
For United Methodist clergy and churches, June is a very transitional month. It is the month when clergy move to new churches. Occasionally it is a move where a gifted clergy… read more

The Challenge of Irrelevance

by Martin Thielen
This is the sixth in Ministry Matters' new video series featuring pastors and ministry leaders across America. Check back next week to see featured video of Greg Surratt, lead… read more
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