Review: Leading the Congregation

by Patricia Farris
Roger Heuser and Norman Shawchuck have been at it together for nearly thirty years, writing, consulting, and teaching on leadership in and for the church. Their collaborative… read more

5 Strategies for Leading Change in Worship

by Len Wilson
A friend called me the other day asking for advice on first steps in a new worship position at a local church. We only spoke for a few minutes, but after hanging up, I continued… read more

A Story About Discernment: Like a Child

by Kasey Hitt
Four and a half year old Lainey stood in the front yard waving goodbye to her friends who had come over to play. From our laundry room window, I watched as she continued to wave… read more

Learning to Be Diplomatic

by FaithLink
Being “diplomatic” is an excellent trait in many interpersonal circumstances. Diplomacy often involves analyzing a situation and knowing how to act or speak in a… read more

The Delivery Truck Principle of Leadership

by Ron Edmondson
When I was in business, I once owned a small manufacturing company. Most of my time was spent in an office or on the road somewhere, but when I had time I loved to hang out in … read more

True Freedom of Worship

by Christian Piatt
Faced with the question about whether or not we value freedom to worship, most of us, particularly from mainline protestant traditions, would agree that such freedom is a good… read more
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