Labyrinths Within the Christian Church Today

by John W. Rhodes
To put this topic in context, the labyrinth predates Christianity by at least 2,000 years. It has been used in many cultures worldwide for a variety of purposes. However, it has… read more

Three Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Associate Pastor

by Alan Rudnick
Associate pastors, youth ministers, and other staff ministers often do the unglamorous jobs of ministry without much recognition. Associates have a calling and a title, but they… read more

Balancing Work and Play When You’re Employed by the Church

by Tricia Brown
For many years, my sons and I attended a special Halloween-alternative event hosted by my sister’s church. It was an anxiously awaited event in our family. My children had a … read more

So How Many Are Gathered in UM Churches?

by General Council on Finance and Administration
      Almost 90% of UM churches have fewer than 200 in average attendance 21% of United Methodists attend the largest 2% of churches Annual Conferences… read more

Go to the People: The Multisite Model of Growth

by Bryan Collier
The realization hit me as I was standing in the middle of nearly 3,000 people at our largest event of the year—“as large as this group is, it is only a fraction of the … read more

The Tough Truth about Our Small Churches

by William H. Willimon
In Jason Byassee’s beautifully written book, The Gifts of the Small Church, he states that “the small church is God’s primary way of saving people.”… read more
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