1. Face to Face with Grief

    Articles Face to Face with Grief

    Other than our own death, grief is the most equal-opportunity experience we will ever encounter in life. At some time, we will all know the sorrow and pain of grief. And the…

  2. Getting It All Done

    Video Getting It All Done

    This is the fourth of Ministry Matters' new video series featuring well-known pastors and ministry leaders across America. William H. Willimon is Bishop of the North Alabama…

  3. Using the Internet for Ministry

    Video Using the Internet for Ministry

    WATCH MORE FROM PETE: How I Prepare My Weekly Message Pastor, You NEED Close Friends Transforming People With the time he saves using Ministry Matters…

  4. Associate Pastor: An Awkward Ministry

    Articles Associate Pastor: An Awkward Ministry

    It was a typical Sunday morning ritual as the congregation gathered in the narthex following worship to drink coffee, eat cookies, and chat. My colleague, who is an associate…

  5. The Internet and Faith

    Articles The Internet and Faith

    Have We Lost Our Minds? Was it really less than two years ago that Nicholas Carr was worrying about losing his brain to the Internet? Carr is a thoughtful observer of the world…

  6. They Need Me

    Blog They Need Me

    A friend once said to me regarding his church, “You don’t understand, they need someone like me!” I wanted to respond, “I do understand. Maybe they do…

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