40 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor

by Bob Crossman
Prepare for the Transition 1. Open your hearts and decide that you are going to love your new pastor. 2. Begin praying daily for the new pastor and family, even as you continue… read more

Spring Planning: 4 Critical Tasks

by Wade Griffith
The busyness of Christmas and other end-of-year tasks can make it hard to hit the ground running in a new year. I hear ya. I feel ya, too. Lent came early this year, and Easter… read more

Review: The Work of the Associate Pastor

by Billy Doidge Kilgore, Alan Rudnick
A clergy friend once said to me, “the first three letters in the title of associate pastor should be emphasized the most.” “Why is that?” I asked… read more

Review: Leadership that Fits Your Church

by Eric Van Meter
Finding a good match between pastor and congregation is one of the great difficulties of all Christian denominations, regardless of the polity under which they operate… read more

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Bulletins and Newsletters

by Jessica Miller Kelley
It's a rare church that has a graphic designer on staff, or even an experienced professional willing to volunteer for the sometimes-tedious task of compiling the information for… read more

Getting Counting Wrong - and Right

by Jorge Acevedo
Many in my denomination are in uproar over the recommendations that every one of the more than 32,000 United Methodist churches in America measure vitality for at least the next… read more
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