Sandpaper Grace

by Lorin Pedigo
I had been a Christian for all of three months when I was reading scripture and heard three of the most frightening words of my fourteen years: “Preach My Word.” I was … read more

Dynamics of Co-Pastoring

by Jim Hunter
“You guys made it work.”             At first I wasn’t sure what my friend meant when his told me this… read more

Minor Prophets

by Todd Outcalt
Recently, in an issue of Poetry magazine (April 2013), poet Mark Halliday expressed his major respect for the minor placement offered to poet Kenneth Fearing among the pantheon of … read more

Review: Deep Change

by Eric Van Meter
“What is your favorite book?” When I come across this question—usually as a security check while I’m signing up for some online account—I often end… read more

7 Steps When You Are Frustrated Enough To Quit… But Can’t

by Ron Edmondson
I was talking to a staff member of a church recently who is ready to quit. But, he can’t. What he’s experiencing is not depression, in my opinion. It could turn into… read more

Ministry Team Leadership: Go Deeper

by Kimberly MacNeill
Being a team leader for a ministry is a great privilege. You get to set the stage for people to serve God and others in a meaningful way. Ministry teams are most often made up of … read more
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