The Quiet Pastor: Affirming Different Personalities in Ministry

by Billy Doidge Kilgore
Pastors come in different shapes and sizes. Each one brings a unique ministry that is expressed through his or her personality. Pastors' personalities allow them to excel in some… read more

Getting Counting Wrong - and Right

by Jorge Acevedo
Many in my denomination are in uproar over the recommendations that every one of the more than 32,000 United Methodist churches in America measure vitality for at least the next… read more

Servant Leadership in Youth Ministry

by Todd Outcalt
There have been many books written about “servant leadership” in the past decade. But the term, though in vogue currently, is an old concept. Jesus himself lived this… read more

It's Time

by Ronnie McBrayer
Imagine that tomorrow morning I deposit into your bank account $86,400. This money is all yours to do with as you please, no strings attached. Now, not only am I going to deposit… read more

Spiritual Pastoral Leadership

by Jorge Acevedo
When I came to Grace Church, I told the Staff-Parish Committee that I had four jobs as the Lead Pastor and that I would try to order my life and ministry after these four… read more

Work/Life Balance

by Nancy Ferguson
Perspectives on Work/Life Balance On an afternoon not long ago, Australian CEO and outspoken advocate for work/life balance Nigel Marsh left work early to pick up his young son… read more
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