Review: Builders of Community

by Eric Van Meter
For mainline American Protestants, Builders of Community: Rethinking Ecclesiastical Ministry might best be categorized as wisdom from an unexpected source. Although a quite… read more

Discipline and Accountability in a Church Shopper's Market

by Shane Raynor
I grew up in The United Methodist Church, but I wasn’t confirmed until high school. It was about that time that I first encountered The Book of Discipline. I’m not… read more

How Decisions Choke the Young

by Carol Howard Merritt
I speak at a couple of denominational gatherings each month. I usually do an age breakdown of who’s there by asking people to raise their hands. The typical gathering… read more

The Dance of Ministry

by Jay Voorhees
A hundred pounds and two kids ago I was a dancer. In fact, I was a dance caller for the local contra dance group that meets every Friday night in Nashville. For those who… read more

Playing Nice with Power-Play Parishioners

by Buzz Stevens
After picking up a seemingly pleasant parishioner on the way to my first finance meeting in my first church, all hell broke loose on the drive. She asked “Why is your wife … read more

Ministry of All Christians

by Dave Barnhart
Called by God I’ve just spent three days as part of my annual conference’s board of ordained ministry interviewing people who want to be part of various kinds of… read more
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