Review: The Teaming Church

by Eric Van Meter
Successful teaming in a church requires a surprisingly geometric approach, according to pastor, author, and speaker Robert Crosby. In The Teaming Church: Ministry in the Age of… read more

Review: Builders of Community

by Eric Van Meter
For mainline American Protestants, Builders of Community: Rethinking Ecclesiastical Ministry might best be categorized as wisdom from an unexpected source. Although a quite… read more

Discipline and Accountability in a Church Shopper's Market

by Shane Raynor
I grew up in The United Methodist Church, but I wasn’t confirmed until high school. It was about that time that I first encountered The Book of Discipline. I’m not… read more

How Decisions Choke the Young

by Carol Howard Merritt
I speak at a couple of denominational gatherings each month. I usually do an age breakdown of who’s there by asking people to raise their hands. The typical gathering… read more

The Dance of Ministry

by Jay Voorhees
A hundred pounds and two kids ago I was a dancer. In fact, I was a dance caller for the local contra dance group that meets every Friday night in Nashville. For those who… read more

Playing Nice with Power-Play Parishioners

by Buzz Stevens
After picking up a seemingly pleasant parishioner on the way to my first finance meeting in my first church, all hell broke loose on the drive. She asked “Why is your wife … read more
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