Feasting on Fruit: Joy

by Kasey Hitt
Breathe In You might begin by exhaling joy's opposite which is sorrow or seriousness. Imagine joy filling and spreading through your body with each inhale and letting go of any… read more

Feasting on Fruit: Love

by Kasey Hitt
Breathe In The Hebrew word for Spirit, pronounced“ruach,” can also be translated as “breath or wind.” What might our habit of shallow breathing and even… read more

Looking Over Loss

by Eric Van Meter
When my wife and I decided in April to move to Dakota Wesleyan University, we were too numb to feel much beyond relief. After months of grief and uncertainty, it just felt good to … read more

Conversation and Good Books: The Life Bood of Ministers

by Jerrod Hugenot
Clergy often have professional societies or organizations they affiliate with for the purposes of collegiality, scholarly pursuits or opportunities to grow in pastoral skills… read more

The Preaching Ministry of Comfort and Encouragement

by Angela Roberts Jones
A few weeks ago, I was talking with a young man who shared that he has wrestled for some years with a call from God to move forward in the ministry of preaching. As he shared his… read more

When You Feel Overwhelmed

by Kimberly MacNeill
Read: Psalm 142:2-5. Then pray about what is overwhelming you. read more
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