When You Feel Hopeless

by Kimberly MacNeill
Read: Romans 4:19-25, then go to God in prayer—share with the Lord the places in your life that feel hopeless to you, allow for a time of silence to listen. read more

Exercise—Just Do It

by Barbara Bruce
You knew it was coming right? Late only because it is the 5th letter of the alphabet. In order of importance for successful aging exercise is numero uno. [Note: Before beginning… read more

Feasting on Fruit: Nine Days of Welcoming the Holy Spirit

by Kasey Hitt
Are you breathing? Then you are enjoying the gift of the Spirit of Life. Yet God is such a generous gift-giver, there is more...we have access to the dynamic, creative, and… read more

Leadership and Self-Awareness

by Timothy Siburg
It's important to have self-awareness. This is true in general, but especially in leadership. If you aren't a self-aware leader, you at the least, aren't most fully who you can… read more

Feasting on Fruit: Self-control

by Kasey Hitt
Breathe In You might begin by exhaling self-control's opposite which is instability and rashness, as well as timidity and talkativeness. Imagine self-control filling and… read more

Feasting on Fruit: Gentleness

by Kasey Hitt
Breathe In You might begin by exhaling gentleness' opposite which is harshness and hardness. Imagine gentleness filling and spreading through your body with each inhale and… read more
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