1. Burnout Road

    Articles Burnout Road

    The average tenure of an adult working with youth is only 18 months. Burnout takes its toll. Are you on the road to burnout? The Comparison Road Roger ran a nice youth group. He …

  2. Lessons from the Margins

    Articles Lessons from the Margins

    I think that few spiritual practices are as immediate and engaged with Scripture as writing in the margins of the Bible—an act of connecting with and responding to God…

  3. Please Write and Doodle

    Blog Please Write and Doodle

    I still have my first two Bibles. My first Bible I received in the third grade but didn't use until seminary. The second Bible (an easier translation to read) I used in college…

  4. Brandon's Pictures

    Blog Brandon's Pictures

    I have been trying to accomplish one of my New Year's Resolutions—to get my digital pictures sorted, printed and filed. I have finished sorting up to February of this year!…

  5. The Discipline of Living Sacramentally

    Blog The Discipline of Living Sacramentally

    Sometime during college I came across Richard Foster’s Devotional Classics—a neat collection of writings that focus on various spiritual disciplines. It was a welcome…

  6. Now That You're a Parent

    Articles Now That You're a Parent

    My best friend had her baby a few months before I had my son. While I was in the hospital, she called and said,  "Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful being a mother!" I…

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