10 Suggestions for Effective Stewardship Preaching

by Brian K. Bauknight
I enjoy preaching about money. My goal in preaching about stewardship is to never be confrontational, but always invitational. I try to help all believers (including myself) to… read more

Talking about Money in a Small Membership Church

by Amy Mayo-Moyle
My ministry began as an associate pastor of a large urban congregation. The church budget was a million dollars, with endowments that were many times as large. After two years, I… read more

Environmental Leadership: An Urgent Role for the church

by Richard O. Randolph and Sherry Habben
As the paper was dropping into the trashcan, I grabbed it back and tossed it in the recycle bin; I am having to retrain myself! I was not taught to recycle growing up. In fact… read more

Minimize Brick, Maximize Mission: Budgeting for Missional Mobility

by Mike Slaughter
Growing churches inevitably face space constraints. With growth comes the dilemma to build or not to build, where to build, and what to build. This is when we must honestly… read more

Relieving Poverty Through Micro–Investing

by Roy I. Sano
We have all learned the ancient Chinese adage: give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. God showed Abraham and Sarah this truth … read more

Disabling Debt

by Jenna Heart
Consumer debt, credit card debt, disabling medical bills, as well as loss of homes and jobs can create a kind of economic bondage. Many live paycheck to paycheck with no… read more
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