Church identity

Walking Your City's Streets with Nehemiah

By Joseph W. Daniels Jr.
What would it take for you to think of your community as your congregation? Most church leaders—lay and clergy—don’t think like this. In fact, when I ask this… read more

Relearning My Own Hometown

By Jacob Armstrong
God called me to be a missionary. And then sent me to suburbia. It all started in a hotel room in Atlanta, where my wife and I pledged to God that we would go wherever God wanted … read more

Getting to Know the Neighbors: A (Turnaround) Case Study

By Rosario Picardo
Epworth UMC, Lexington, Kentucky, circa 1950: a five-hundred-seat sanctuary filled to capacity, a full roster of Sunday school classes, and over one hundred missionaries and… read more

Adapt to Thrive and Serve

By John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
Who is my neighbor?” The lawyer asked Jesus a good question, regardless of what motivated him to ask it. Jesus defined neighbor in the broadest terms, but we have narrowed… read more

See, Know, and Serve

By Thomas G. Bandy
How did St. Paul do it? How did he manage to start and sustain so many different churches, in so many different cultures, in such a time of change? We have the same desire to… read more

I'm Done Fixing the Church: Turning the Future Over to God

By Billy Doidge Kilgore
My friend and fellow young pastor slouched in his office chair and spoke in an exasperated tone. “In the past few years, I have tried everything I know of to help this… read more
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