Clergy self-care

A Call to Ministry is a Call to Public Life

By Teddy Ray
I’m told that pastors in a past generation were advised not to share anything personal. “Tell stories – but not about your own life.” I’ve even … read more

Review: Deep Change

By Eric Van Meter
“What is your favorite book?” When I come across this question—usually as a security check while I’m signing up for some online account—I often end… read more

40 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor

By Bob Crossman
Prepare for the Transition 1. Open your hearts and decide that you are going to love your new pastor. 2. Begin praying daily for the new pastor and family, even as you continue… read more

Work-Family Balance in Ministry

By Teddy Ray
Perhaps the two best-known leaders in the Christian movement from the 1950s into the 1980s were Billy Graham and Bill Bright. Both men influenced countless pastors who grew up in… read more

Review: Leadership that Fits Your Church

By Eric Van Meter
Finding a good match between pastor and congregation is one of the great difficulties of all Christian denominations, regardless of the polity under which they operate… read more

Living in the Season

By Sarah McGiverin
Our Lenten disciplines and programs are in full swing, and our sermons and Bible studies are keeping our congregations in the wilderness on the slow approach to Holy Week. … read more
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