Hobby Lobby and the First Amendment

By Martha Myre
A lot of discussion was generated on Facebook recently after I posted a story about Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby evidently pays a beginning wage that is 93% higher than the federally… read more

Health Ministries and Local Churches

By Jill M. Johnson
Stories of Healing and Healers “Beverly” is a 61-year-old married woman who works in retail sales. Her husband, a software engineer, lost his job in the recession… read more

5 Critical Mistakes for Ministers

By Ministry Matters
1. Doing Everything Yourself You have to learn to delegate and give up the unrealistic expectation of perfection. You will only burn yourself out and rob others of the… read more

Healing Through Art

By Juanita Campbell Rasmus
It has been said that most of us cease being actively engaged in any type of creative expression on a regular basis once we leave elementary school. What an incredible loss to… read more

Does Clergy Moral Failing Point to a Sick Church?

By M. Kathryn Armistead
Recently in our conference, a pastor took a grave misstep that resulted in a dramatic moral failure. While this is tragic for the clergy person and the parsonage family, it is… read more

Getting over the 2:30 Wall

By Shane Raynor
You’ve probably seen the commercials for 5-Hour Energy, the energy shot that supposedly helps you overcome the "2:30 feeling". I know the 2:30 feeling well. But for me, it… read more
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