Food from the Earth

By Ministry Matters
Watch how one church participates in congregation supported agriculture. Erin McKenzie was called and now serves at Food from the Earth ministry, read her story. read more

Getting Started in Caring Ministries

By Betsy Hall
One of the greatest challenges for the pastor and staff of a church is providing care and support to individuals and families. The needs are often great in our communities and can … read more

Open Hands, Open Hearts

By Terri Elton
I was a guest preacher in a congregation I had never been to before. I entered as I do many congregation, a friendly stranger, but left with more than I had anticipated—with … read more

Spiritual Gifts: Discovering and Using

By Ministry Matters
How do you help people discover and use their spiritual gifts? Ministry Matters has a spiritual gifts discovery tool drawn from the small group study Serving from the Heart by… read more

Getting Something Done for the City with God

By Mike Poteet
On July 18, Detroit, Michigan became the largest United States city to file for bankruptcy protection. Having suffered decades of industrial decline and dwindling population, and… read more

Balancing Work and Play When You’re Employed by the Church

By Tricia Brown
For many years, my sons and I attended a special Halloween-alternative event hosted by my sister’s church. It was an anxiously awaited event in our family. My children had a … read more
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