Staff issues

The Lie of Well-Roundedness

By Josh Mauney
In my first ministry position I was sure I knew what to expect. Stand up in front of thousands of adoring members of a faithful congregation and present to them an hour’s… read more

Now is the Time to Plan

By Timothy Siburg
The calendar now says that it is June. For many people, it is the start of summer. For others, maybe it is even the heart of summer, depending on where you live. Wherever you are… read more

Youth Ministry Is More Than Your Title

By Beth Morris
Our title may say “Minister to Students” or “Director of Youth Ministries,” but as the person responsible for youth ministry in a local church we… read more

I'm New on the Church Staff

By Kimberly MacNeill
Congratulations to you if this title applies! Just when you wondered if it was all going to work out, it actually did! You. Have. A. Job. And more than that, you have a new… read more

Associate Pastors Are Not Second Chairs

By Alan Rudnick
In an informal interview for an associate pastor position, I was once told by a senior pastor, “being an associate pastor is about paying the rent.”… read more

Three Simple Ways to Appreciate Your Associate Pastor

By Alan Rudnick
Associate pastors, youth ministers, and other staff ministers often do the unglamorous jobs of ministry without much recognition. Associates have a calling and a title, but they… read more
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