5 Lessons from 'Caine's Arcade'

By Shane Raynor
The newest celebrity on the Internet is a nine year old kid from East Los Angeles. If you haven't heard of Caine Monroy, he's the star of a short film by Nirvan Mullick that has… read more

The New Pastor: Insights for Transitional Leadership

By Marvin A. Moss
When discussing transitional leadership, it is imperative that one understands and embraces the words transition, change, uncertainty, and patience if there is a desire to serve… read more

Review: The Six Deadly Sins of Preaching

By Eric Van Meter
Thirteen years after they teamed up for their first book, communications expert Robert Reid and preaching instructor Lucy Lind Hogan once again tackle the subject of preaching and … read more

Creative and Imaginative Preaching

By Thomas H. Troeger
An imaginative preacher can take a biblical text and create a sermon that sets the Word of God singing and dancing in our hearts, empowering us to live the gospel more completely. … read more

Rocking the Boat without Capsizing

By Stacey Cole Wilson
In the late 1980s, rhythm and blues group Midnight Star climbed the charts with a sensational hit called "Don't Rock the Boat." Have you experienced these sentiments before as a… read more

Review: How to Lead in Church Conflict

By Eric Van Meter
For K. Brynolf "Bernie" Lyon and Dan P. Moseley, neither conflict nor leadership is quite so simple as many popular books would have us believe. For them, the most important… read more

10 Ways to Be a Good Follower

By Ron Edmondson
I have a strong desire to help improve the quality of leadership in churches and ministries, especially among the next generation of Christian leaders. My youngest son, Nate, who… read more

Review: 10 Temptations of Church

By Patricia Farris
If you're the pastor or a concerned lay person in a church you're working to revitalize, you need to read 10 Temptations of Church: Why Churches Decline & What to Do About It, … read more

Clean Heart

By Jacqui King
Jeremiah 31:31-34 * Psalm 51:1-12 * Hebrews 5:5-10 * John 12:20-33 Jacqui King is pastor of First United Methodist Church in College Station, TX. Pastor King holds an M.Div. from… read more

Questions for Jesus: What Are You Doing?

By Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong is the pastor of Providence United Methodist Church in Mt. Juliet, TN.Connect with Jacob: Facebook | Twitter read more

Diagnosis: Worship

By Marcia McFee
Have you ever left a worship team meeting exhausted? feeling like you got nowhere? wondering if anything will ever happen to get certain people to cross "party lines"? Whether… read more

Avoiding Unnecessary Mistakes

By Shane Raynor
Have you ever given advice to someone knowing they were going to do the exact opposite of what you were telling them to do? It happens to me a lot, although I guess it's fitting… read more
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