A Very Mixed Bunch

By David Lowes Watson
One glance at the average congregation on a Sunday morning makes clear that Christians are a very mixed bunch. Without the grace of Christ to bring us together each week, few of… read more

It's Jesus, Stupid: Getting the Trinity Right

By Robert A. Ratcliff
O.k. you preachers, gut-check time. Lift your hand if you're not planning to preach on the Trinity this Trinity Sunday. O.k., now lift 'em if you didn't know that Trinity Sunday… read more

The Beauty of Boundaries

By Tricia Brown
There's nothing like getting dragged out of bed at 7am in the morning to run barefoot through the yard chasing two rambunctious puppies. Just ask my nine-year-old son. That's what … read more

Preaching on Parenting

By Dave Stone
Feeling a little unqualified to preach on parenting? Take heart. Jesus did it and so can you. Once there was a preacher who had no children, who preached a series of sermons… read more

Sermon Series: Serpentine Tales

By Dan R. Dick
3 Week Series Week 1: The Subtleties of Serpentry Genesis 3:1-7 From youngest childhood, we develop the love for a good story. Few things can transport us to other places and… read more

Animal Sacrifice and Christ's Resurrection

By Clifton Stringer, Lindsey Foster Stringer
Christian Reflections on Killing and Eating (or Not) Our dear friend Barry, who went to seminary with Clifton, sometimes prayed like this before church function meals. "We give… read more

Downsizing for Growth

By Mark Heiss
I have been a part of two new church building projects, and one expansion, but never a church "downsizing." Until now. The idea for downsizing our worship space emerged after… read more

Managing Expectations: The Importance of the Weakest Link

By Maurilio Amorim
Managing expectations is critical in every organization. But it is especially important in the service-oriented businesses where one's last experience can ruin years of a strong… read more

Escaping the Ideological Bubble

By Charles E. Gutenson
American culture has been growing more and more polarized in its politics over the last few decades. Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, Coffee and Tea. One cause of this… read more

Screens in Worship: Top 10 Questions

By Len Wilson
No matter what happens at seminars and conferences on images in worship, when it comes to Q&A time, it's always the same basic set of questions. These are the basic concepts… read more

Be Still (Sermon Series and Devotional)

By Jacob Armstrong
Life is full of movement. Movement is not a bad thing. If we are moving, we are living. We are making progress. Movement, though, is also exhausting—physically and … read more

He Chose a Womb

By Erin Davis
Motherhood seems to be made up of a million small things. We hold our tiny babies. We fold their little clothes. We lose their tiny shoes in our mini vans and their teensy weensy… read more
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