Sermon Series: Vital Lessons from the Early Church

By Gary G. Kindley
3 Week Series Week 1: When Death Is Yesterday's News John 11:1-4, 14-44; John 20:19 Today's sermon begins a three-part series addressing three vital lessons that are a legacy of… read more

Been There. Done That. I'm Through.

By Missy Buchanan
An 86 year-old woman leaned forward in her seat as she described her frustration with longtime friends who seem satisfied with sitting around their apartments in their house… read more

Five Things Great Teams Lack

By Kem Meyer
I've had the chance to work with and be a part of many great organizations over the years in a variety of sectors– local advertising, regional business consulting, national… read more

Sermon Options: September 7, 2014

By Ministry Matters
A Meal to Remember Scripture: Exodus 12:1-14 It is customary for a people being delivered to celebrate their freedom. The quirky nature of the Exodus story is that it is… read more

Holy Walmart Receipt!

By Josh Tinley
Last month Jesus appeared to a South Carolina couple on a Walmart receipt (Image 1). If that is Jesus, I'm not sure what message he was trying to convey by showing up on a Walmart … read more

Sermon Series: Prayer

By Dan Flanagan
4 Week Series Week 1: Divine Persona Luke 11:1-4 Psychiatrist Gerald May begins his book Addiction and Grace with a bold statement: "I am convinced that all human beings have an… read more

Hire Generalists, Not Specialists

By Ron Edmondson
In a church plant, no one can be a specialist. In the early days of Grace Community Church, I did many things I wasn't necessarily trained or qualified to do. That was even truer… read more

"I Get Tired When I Listen"

By Martin Thielen
One Sunday after the morning worship service, my four-year-old son said: "Papa, are you tired? You look tired." I replied, "Yes, Jonathan, I get tired when I preach." He… read more

Changing God's Mind

By Shane Raynor
One of the most puzzling passages in the Bible to me is the account of the encounter Jesus has with the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15. Here are the basic details of the situation: … read more

Bible Study: Week of September 7, 2014

By Keeping Holy Time
Old Testament: Exodus 12:1-14 Jews, Christians, and Muslims ground their faith in the acts of God in history. Furthermore, for both of us, worship is essential—it helps… read more

Holiness = Love

By Christopher P. Momany
My very first pastorate was a set of three churches who had just voted to merge together. I was an unlikely person to walk with them down the difficult road of merger. I came from … read more

Sermon Series: The Story of Moses

By Brian K. Bauknight
6 Week Series Week 1: Auspicious Beginnings Exodus 1:1-2, 10 The story of Moses' birth takes place amid tragedy. A king arose in Egypt, a pharaoh, who was threatened by the Hebrew … read more
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