Truth, Facts, and the Rapture

By Ministry Matters
The fact that the Rapture did not occur on Saturday is not that surprising to most of us—far more of us than the devoted few who were taken aback by the fact that it did not … read more

Dealing with Difficult Staff

By Martin Thielen
John, our Church Council chairperson, looked worried as he walked into my office. "Martin," he said, "you need to know that Jason (a former staff member at one of my pastorates… read more

Movie Theaters and Church

By Joseph Yoo
I love going to theaters. Check that. I used to love going to theaters. It was always a form of escape. I often went alone because I could be immersed into the world that the… read more


By Jan Turrentine
Mistakes, popular wisdom tells us, are not a bad thing at all. We should actually relish them, we are told, because from them we can learn and grow. They are "stepping stones to… read more

Something Worth Celebrating

By Mike Childress
A Sermon on Luke 15:1-10 I recall growing up and hearing my parents talk about a fellow my dad worked with. The man worked hard. He was always at the job on time, rarely took days … read more

Boost Sunday School Attendance

By Peter Metz
Who attends the children's Sunday school at your church? Probably kids whose parents attend worship. It's only logical. How do you increase attendance? Just as logically, by… read more

7 Things Churches Can Learn from Christian TV

By Shane Raynor
I suspect if someone were to take a poll on how much people in various careers are trusted by others, television evangelists would fall near the bottom, somewhere between used car … read more

8 Reasons Why We're Spiritual

By Jay Cooper
It would be nice to think that you and I pursue a relationship with God (or a connection with something greater than ourselves) merely for unselfish reasons, but that's usually… read more

The Greatest Need in the American Church Today

By Mike Slaughter
This is the first of Ministry Matters' new video series featuring well-known pastors and ministry leaders across America. Check back next week to see featured video of Lori… read more

Half the Church

By Carolyn Custis James
A Q&A with Carolyn Custis James about women in the Bible, leadership, marriage, and her new book, Half the Church: Recapturing God's Global Vision for Women. As the title of… read more

Judgment Day: Not Crazy, Not Funny

By Matthew Paul Turner
By now, you've no doubt heard that the "Judgment Day" is coming on May 21. According to the calculations of the folks at Family Radio, this coming Saturday, Jesus will return and… read more

Who is God?

By Katie Z. Dawson
I realized recently how theologically illiterate my congregation is. That may seem like a slam, or a critique, but it is a simple reality. And it is a reality that is not their… read more
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