Hire Generalists, Not Specialists

By Ron Edmondson
In a church plant, no one can be a specialist. In the early days of Grace Community Church, I did many things I wasn't necessarily trained or qualified to do. That was even truer… read more

"I Get Tired When I Listen"

By Martin Thielen
One Sunday after the morning worship service, my four-year-old son said: "Papa, are you tired? You look tired." I replied, "Yes, Jonathan, I get tired when I preach." He… read more

Changing God's Mind

By Shane Raynor
One of the most puzzling passages in the Bible to me is the account of the encounter Jesus has with the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15. Here are the basic details of the situation: … read more

Bible Study: Week of September 7, 2014

By Keeping Holy Time
Old Testament: Exodus 12:1-14 Jews, Christians, and Muslims ground their faith in the acts of God in history. Furthermore, for both of us, worship is essential—it helps… read more

Holiness = Love

By Christopher P. Momany
My very first pastorate was a set of three churches who had just voted to merge together. I was an unlikely person to walk with them down the difficult road of merger. I came from … read more

Sermon Series: The Story of Moses

By Brian K. Bauknight
6 Week Series Week 1: Auspicious Beginnings Exodus 1:1-2, 10 The story of Moses' birth takes place amid tragedy. A king arose in Egypt, a pharaoh, who was threatened by the Hebrew … read more

The Boy Who Lived and the God Who Loves

By Mike Poteet
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 "expelliarmus"-ed old box-office records faster than a Golden Snitch flies, boasting the highest-grossing opening weekend ever ($169.2 … read more

Procrastination Is Destructive

By Mike Slaughter
Procrastination is a huge momentum buster. In fact, failure comes in direct proportion to procrastination. Have you ever gone into a test unprepared? If so, you may have… read more

In Tune with God

By Sue Mink
Psalm 119 is by far the longest psalm. It runs an epic 176 verses, arranged acrostically; that is, each eight-line section begins with a letter following the order of the Hebrew… read more

Spirit-Filled Ministry

By Kay Huggins
When did you receive the Holy Spirit? How has that gift from God been manifest in your life? Are you aware of your spiritual gifts? Do you doubt the vibrancy of your faith? Have… read more

What Are You Looking For?

By Adam Thomas
John 1:29-42 The hospital was a maze. Children's Medical Center had several buildings, and they were all connected somehow, but getting from one part of this building to another… read more

8 Weeks on Romans

By Matthew L. Kelley
Paul's epistle to the Romans occupies much of the lectionary this summer (Year A, from the second Sunday after Pentecost through the thirteenth), so while I've focused on various… read more
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