Learning to Be Diplomatic

By FaithLink
Being "diplomatic" is an excellent trait in many interpersonal circumstances. Diplomacy often involves analyzing a situation and knowing how to act or speak in a moderate way. It… read more

Diplomacy and Faith

By Paul Stroble
Diplomacy in the News During the past few months, the United States lost two highly respected diplomats. Lawrence Eagleburger, secretary of state during George H. W. Bush's… read more

The Delivery Truck Principle of Leadership

By Ron Edmondson
When I was in business, I once owned a small manufacturing company. Most of my time was spent in an office or on the road somewhere, but when I had time I loved to hang out in the … read more

Jesus Goes to the Movies (Part 2)

By Robert A. Ratcliff
"Jesus figures" in film are easy to define: they are depictions of the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth. A little harder to nail down is the "Christ figure," by which I mean … read more

Don't Do Ministry Without It

By Shane Raynor
One of the most helpful tools I've ever used for ministry is a little philosophy that Methodist movement founder John Wesley picked up from a Moravian friend, missionary Peter… read more

Interview w/ Jon Acuff

By Shane Raynor
Do you know what your "dream job" is? Have you ever thought about leaving your day job to chase that dream? Jon Acuff has some thoughts on the subject. After graduating from… read more

Welcoming Special Needs Families

By Jason Wert
What would you do if, while you were praying during a church service, somebody tapped your shoulder and you turn to see your special needs child being wheeled out of the… read more

Historical Jesus Clearance Sale!

By Clifton Stringer
Not only in the commercial world but in the realm of ideas as well, our age is holding a veritable clearance sale. -Kierkegaard In exultant commemoration of the much anticipated… read more

Recession-Era Stewardship: A Sermon Series

By Martin Thielen
Several months ago my clergy support group discussed stewardship. We eventually got to the topic of stewardship sermons. When we did, a member of the group said, "When it comes to … read more

Bible Study Podcast 6/30/11

By Jacqui King
As the journey of faith-building grows, studying God's Word is crucial. Study @ is a creative way of studying scripture in a relevant manner that offers options for all to grow… read more

Better Wine Than Before

By Adam Thomas
On my wall, I have a collage of pictures from a college choir trip to England in 2005. In one picture, 15 friends and I are standing in front of the Tor of Glastonbury, a ruined… read more

Debunking the Fourth

By Carson T. Clark
Top 10 Unsightly Facts about the American Revolution Preface: This is my third annual "Debunking the Fourth" post. From the title alone it's clear that the content is provocative. … read more
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