The Last Supper

By Adam Hamilton
Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas shares his thoughts about the Last Supper. Adam is the author of 24 Hours That… read more

The Ten Words

By Pastor's Bible Study®
Exodus 20:1-17 While the climax in Exodus 1:1–15:21 is the miraculous crossing at the Sea, the central event within Exod 15:22–40:38 is the revelation of the covenant… read more

The Ten Commandments

By Storyteller's Companion to the Bible
Exodus 20 God speaks the commandments, and the people are filled with fear by the divine voice. The Story God spoke all these words: I am the LORD your God who brought you out of… read more

Remembering the Black Church: A Portrait

By Charles E. Bowie
Many consider Carter G. Woodson the father of Black History. As a black historian writing in the early decades of the twentieth century, Woodson was instrumental in establishing… read more

Being a Pastor in an Election Year

By Robert A. Ratcliff
It's hard enough to act like a Christian during an election year; trying to be a pastor while all this political hoopla is going on is downright hazardous. Because political… read more

Sermon Series: Following Jesus

By Jeffery Smith
3 Week Series Week 1: Grounded Upon Authority Matthew 10:1-4; 28:16-20 The Great Commission of Jesus to the disciples is one of the foundational texts of the Christian faith. In… read more

The Illusion of Pastoral Effectiveness

By Matthew L. Kelley
The acceptance of reality is always a liberation from the burden of illusion that we strive to justify by our errors and our sins. ~Seasons of Celebration, p. 116 What are the… read more

Caring for the Core

By Martin Thielen
Before moving to my present pastorate, I belonged to a fitness club called Sports Village. One section of the gym features five fitness machines called "The Core." As the name… read more

New Birth: Why Baptism Matters

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Galatians 3:23-29 Scanning television, a prominent theme has emerged of late: our desire for transformation, change, a makeover. In these programs a family leaves, and then… read more

The Distracted Life

By Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong is the pastor of Providence United Methodist Church in Mt. Juliet, TN.Connect with Jacob: Facebook | Twitter read more


By Jacqui King
"Run" 2 Kings 5:1-14Psalm 301 Corinthians 9:24-27Mark 1:40-45 Jacqui King is pastor of First United Methodist Church in College Station, TX. Pastor King holds an M.Div. from… read more

Portable Churches, Portable Worship

By David Lindner & Kevin Kruse
This week we talk about our experience with Portable Churches, worship and sound systems. We also talk about some of the things we've learned over the years in this area that… read more
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