Love and Suffering

By Randy Horick
Even for people familiar with the destruction tornados can inflict, the images from Joplin, Missouri, were horrific. Wide swaths of the city with a population of 50,000 were… read more

Making the Faithful Choice

By Melissa Slocum
Heavy winter snows in the upper Midwest and heavy rains and storms throughout the Ohio Valley in April converged in May to cause record-breaking flooding in towns all along the… read more

How the Past Holds Us Back

By Shane Raynor
I've sometimes used Philippians 3:13-14 as a source of comfort when I've made mistakes. In the passage, Paul writes, "Brothers and sisters, I myself don't think I've reached it… read more

What Is Trinity Sunday?

By Jacqui King
The first Sunday after Pentecost is the Festival of the Holy Trinity. On this day, the church rejoices in the impenetrable mystery that God is triune (three-in-one) -- Father… read more

Clergy Accountability Online

By Shane Raynor
Should churches monitor the online activity of pastors? At least one conference in the United Methodist Church thinks so, and is now requiring pastors and ordination candidates to … read more

Recovering from a Vocational Near-Death Experience

By Martin Thielen
Twenty-three years ago I had a near death experience—not physically but vocationally. Multiple factors contributed to my ministerial burnout at the young age of thirty. I… read more

When Is a Church Not a Church?

By Christian Piatt
My wife, Amy, and I started Milagro Christian Church four and a half years ago in Pueblo, Colorado. We began in our living room, gathering around our coffee table or huddling by… read more

Unintentional Diversity

By Shane Raynor
When I lived in Texas, I occasionally passed by a mainline church that advertised on a banner outside, "Deliberately Diverse. Fully Inclusive." I remember thinking, "If they have… read more

Walking According to the Spirit

By Chuck Aaron
Romans 8:1-11Before we truly can hear Paul, we have to have a proper understanding of our guilt. We don't like to talk about this, but we can't grow in our faith unless we reflect … read more

Words and Tracy Morgan

By Shane Raynor
Tracy Morgan is learning a hard lesson. Sometimes when you say something hateful, no matter how hard you try to atone for it, it's impossible to unring the bell. During his comedy … read more

How Much Are We Worth?

By Josh Tinley
Earlier this year, as pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training, much of the baseball world was busy talking about a first baseman.The St. Louis Cardinals and three-time… read more

Teaching When You're the Expert

By Robert A. Ratcliff
One of my professors in seminary provided the best definition I've ever heard of an "expert": a fool fifty miles from home. Regardless of how far you are from home, if you're an… read more
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