Redecorating Chapels

By Bill Mefford
Here's a question that I almost never hear asked: Can a church be prophetic (by which I mean witnessing to the reality of God's Kingdom justice and love in the world) if we spend… read more

Searching for a New Pastor

By Sara Cobb
On August 28, 2011, Rob Fuquay, the new senior pastor of 6,500-member St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, received a standing ovation after his first sermon at all … read more

3 Reasons to Preach the Epistles

By Thomas G. Long
Preachers sometime shy away from preaching on the letters of the New Testament. There are a number of reasons why this is so. The lectionary tilts toward the Gospels, or it may… read more

Partnerships Turn Churches Around

By Jessica Miller Kelley
There are a lot of ways to plant and grow new churches. Some say the multi-site model will become the standard for church growth, with numerous congregations sharing the vision… read more

Know When to Hold 'Em

By Ron Edmondson
Kenny Rogers made a song famous a few (quite a few) years ago called The Gambler. Perhaps you remember it. If not, check it out HERE. Beyond a catchy tune, the song tells a story… read more

Sermon Series: Seeing Easter

By Cindy Guthrie Ryan
A two-week series for Easter and the following Sunday. Week 1: Glimpses of Resurrection Colossians 1:18-20 Martin Luther wrote, "Our God has written the truth of resurrection not… read more

The Vocal Minority

By Maurilio Amorim
The vocal minority is the bane of every dynamic leader's existence. While 98 percent of your organization might be content, it's usually the discontented two percent who make a… read more

The Bible Made Impossible

By Christian Smith
Video Source: Brazos Press/Baker Publishing Group read more

Using the Internet for Ministry

By Pete Wilson
WATCH MORE FROM PETE: How I Prepare My Weekly Message Pastor, You NEED Close Friends Transforming People With the time he saves using Ministry Matters… read more

Giving Up—Expectations

By Stephen Handy
Giving Up—Expectations read more

The Promise

By Jacqui King
Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 Psalm 22:23-31 Romans 4:13-25 Mark 8:31-38 or Mark 9:2-9 Jacqui King is pastor of First United Methodist Church in College Station, TX. Pastor King holds an… read more

Surviving Crucifixion

By Barbara Brown Taylor
One Summer, I had two pet spiders at home in my kitchen. They were small, black, and furry with red dots on their backs. They played chase on the water faucet and hid from each… read more
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