Called to Be Disciples, Not Admirers

By Mike Childress
Matthew 11:2-11 In 1964, I had one of the most extraordinary experiences in my childhood. My aunt and uncle took me to see the World's Fair. The closest thing to such an event I… read more

Millennial Myths and the Real Reasons People Leave the Church

By Shane Raynor
Attention Christian bloggers and columnists. I have a favor to ask. Could you please stop speaking of young people as if they're a homogeneous group with a single opinion on every … read more

An Unforgettable Football Play

By CBS News
Wait till you see what a middle school football team did for one of their teammates. Source: CBS News read more

Choosing A Name

By Jim Hawkins
Name Denied Jaleesa Martin wanted to name her son Messiah, but she and the father of her baby could not agree on a last name for their son. The two ended up at a child support… read more

I Didn’t Even Know I Was Sick

By Adam Thomas
I wrote the following about six and a half years ago, but I've never shared it on my blog. It was my first ever attempt at "Ignatian" writing, and it hooked me on that form of… read more

Changing Lives with Skateboards

By Ministry Matters
Jacob Henley and Will Anderson of Nashville started a company with a unique vision—to mentor urban young men by employing them to help make beautiful, high-quality… read more

Beauty Inside

By Jenny Youngman
The fall television premieres have begun. Amid the debuts of some highly anticipated sitcoms and dramas, and with the return of many old favorites, comes a new season of NBC's… read more

Why Do Christians Worship?

By Randall Hardman, J.D. Walt
A few years ago I got the chance to interview J.D. Walt, now the current head of Previously, Walt held the position at Asbury Theological Seminary as the Dean of… read more

The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

By Shane Raynor
Remember the three backwoodsmen from the 1980's TV show Newhart? These guys were brothers, and whenever they'd enter a scene, one would announce, "Hi, I'm Larry; this is my… read more

Sermon Options: December 8, 2013

By Ministry Matters
CHRISTMAS GREATNESS Isaiah 11:1-10 Sometimes big things come in small packages. One man said that he had learned after years of marriage that when his wife says that she just… read more

A Prophetic Nudge

By Mike Childress
Isaiah 11:1-10 Every now and then, Isaiah taps us on the shoulder to say, "You better sit up straight and listen to this!" Today's reading is just such a lesson. I call Isaiah… read more

Sermon Options: December 1, 2013

By Ministry Matters
GETTING READY Isaiah 2:1-5 "Are you ready yet?" My parents said those words to me practically every Sunday morning. They had to ask me that question because I was always the last… read more
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