Why I Stopped Praying

By Matt Appling
I'm probably the least inspiring person I know. Mind you, being inspiring is different from being awesome, which I am in spades. But I'm not inspired by myself because, well, most … read more

Jesus Pulled Me Out

By Abingdon Youth
Christians aren't spared suffering, but we do have help to endure it. Find out what other people have to say. Produced and Directed by John DeYoung Music: "Endure"- Words and… read more

Love Wins, But What About Hell?

By Randy Horick
Rob Bell's book about hell has drawn a lot of heat in the last couple months. Bell, pastor of the three-thousand-member Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, is a… read more

Creativity: An Act of Devotion

By Len Wilson
Our four kids have worn out our Toy Story 2 DVD. When they were toddlers, we'd catch them walking around the house clutching the disc. Now, I don't mean to give the impression… read more

Change the World

By Mike Slaughter
Join the efforts of thousands around the world by helping others May 14-15. http://www.umcom.org.org/changetheworld read more

Bible Study Podcast 5/12/11

By Jacqui King
As the journey of faith-building grows, studying God's Word is crucial. Study @ is a creative way of studying scripture in a relevant manner that offers options for all to grow… read more

Sermon: Freedom, Love, and Pain

By Carl L. Schenck
Preaching on Memorial Day weekend is difficult for preachers. A good many of those who attend American worship come with the expectation that the service will, in some way, focus… read more

Checking Our Facts

By Josh Tinley
Last week millions of people responded to the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death by reaching for their laptops or phones. Facebook walls and Twitter feeds were inundated by… read more

Avoiding the Wedding Bell Blues

By Barbara Day Miller
Every pastor or musician has at least one! I'm talking about "wedding stories," those you-cannot-make-this-up happenings that are usually amusing—or at least less… read more

My John Calvin ‘Fan’ Club

By Matt Appling
Pretty often, I get asked about whether I'm a Calvinist, or an Arminian or Reformed or something else. Or someone will want to talk about Luther or Augustine or some other really… read more

Finding God's Will

By Adam Hamilton
read more

Dying Churches

By M. Kathryn Armistead
If Jesus is Lord of the living, why are there so many dying churches? Ministry is tough. And at its roughest times, it can make us doubt the goodness of God. Why is the Body of… read more
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