Summer Sunday Preaching

By Ministry Matters
Few preachers seem to look forward to that long expanse of Sundays reaching from Trinity Sunday to Labor Day. It is a time for planning what will happen after Labor Day and for… read more

Cutting Scripture Short

By Jessica Miller Kelley
I've only preached twice in my life. Actually, only once, since the second sermon I prepared ended up being delivered by my husband, the pastor, while I stayed home with our… read more

God the Micromanager

By Shane Raynor
At the risk of starting a theological debate, I'd like to ask why so many of us seem to be buying into the philosophy of fatalism. Most people seem to say they don't believe that… read more

Conversation with the Community

By Rodney T. Smothers
Since much of my ministry has been devoted to the planting of new congregations or the revitalization of existing congregations, much of my preaching has been centered on three… read more

Children's Sermons: 6 Essentials

By Sarah McGiverin
Children's sermons must be really hard to do, because I have mostly only seen them done poorly – too often they exploit children and pander to the grown ups in the… read more

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

By J. Clif Christopher
A few years ago I was talking with a top Wal-Mart executive. I voiced to him that I felt they needed a new store at a certain location because the present one was not as cool… read more

Advice for Young Pastors

By Ron Edmondson
I love the opportunities I have to invest in young pastors. I'm encouraged by what I see in this generation of pastors entering church work. They want to learn and grow from older … read more

Difficult Words

By Allan R. Bevere
Sometimes it's best to get the offering before the sermon. At least that's the advice I'd give if one is going to preach like John the Baptist. We begin wedding services with the… read more

Power to Live Up to Our Name

By J. Ellsworth Kalas
Several years ago an older woman said, "I'd like to call myself a Christian, but I don't really feel I'm good enough." I tried to explain that, theologically speaking, goodness… read more

God's Chosen Children

By Wendy Joyner
In my years as a pastor, one of the most wonderful things I have experienced is watching new families begin their lives together. I have celebrated the announcement of… read more

A Very Mixed Bunch

By David Lowes Watson
One glance at the average congregation on a Sunday morning makes clear that Christians are a very mixed bunch. Without the grace of Christ to bring us together each week, few of… read more

It's Jesus, Stupid: Getting the Trinity Right

By Robert A. Ratcliff
O.k. you preachers, gut-check time. Lift your hand if you're not planning to preach on the Trinity this Trinity Sunday. O.k., now lift 'em if you didn't know that Trinity Sunday… read more
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