Discipleship through Mentoring

By Gordon MacDonald
Gordon MacDonald is passionate about encouraging and developing younger people in their faith. As chancellor of Denver Seminary and editor-at-large of Leadership Journal, his… read more

Tried and Tested Christmas Series Ideas

By Ministry Matters
It's fun to brainstorm and plan your own sermon series, but there's no shame in borrowing or being inspired by what other churches have done. Here are a few sermon series that… read more

Megachurches Do It Better

By Shane Raynor
There's a photo going around Facebook and Google+ showing what's supposed to be a megachurch auditorium, complete with cushioned theater seats, lights, big TV screens and fancy… read more

Appreciating Your Pastor

By Paul White
October is Pastor Appreciation Month, as congregations nationwide thank and celebrate those who have made it their occupation to serve the Body of Christ. Dr. Paul White is a… read more

How Can We Help You?

By Ministry Matters
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool. read more

Choosing Abundance

By Adam Thomas
When we accept that eternal life happens even as we live our earthly lives, we can begin to see the corner of the edge of the expanse of the abundance that God offers to us. When… read more

'Attractional' vs. 'Missional'?

By Len Wilson
Talk about spectacle. 13,000 people. Rock concert quality music. Gobo lighting. Standing room only seating for… a church conference? This, my friends, is a photo of… read more

Whose Side Does Jesus Take?

By Morgan Guyton
I have a problem that perhaps you can relate to. I'm very good at taking sides according to the lines that the world draws for me rather than taking Jesus' side. Right now, we are … read more

10 Clues It's Time to Quit

By Ron Edmondson
How do you know when it's time to leave an organization? I recently wrote "Leave Before You Have To". Sometimes it's more damaging to stay than to quit. I am asked frequently to… read more

Sermon Series: Holidays & Emotional Health

By Raquel Mull
3 Week Series Week 1: Giving to Honor Luke 2:8-18 Only seven shopping days left 'til Christmas! Those words bring panic to some of us. How will everything get done? How does… read more

Sermon Series: Gifts

By Bob Holloway
2 Week Series Week 1: Where Do Gifts Come From? Deuteronomy 26:1-19 One Christmas, shortly after my mother-in-law had passed away, a new dish appeared on our dining room table… read more

A Failed Missionary Strategy

By Allan R. Bevere
It has been noticed by many that in the Book of Acts the Apostle Paul had an obvious missionary strategy—start house churches in major cities that exist on major travel and… read more
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