Zero-sum faith

By David Person
I wonder what non-Christians would think of us Christians if they could see us practicing tolerance. I have to wonder, because tolerance of divergent views in the church seems to… read more

Down with the patriarchy: On the path to real inclusivity

By Kira Schlesinger
I was recently asked to give the prayer for the commencement festivities at the local university in the small town where I serve. In his request, the president noted that he had… read more

Playing to lose?

By Melissa Slocum, LinC (Living in Christ)
The referee had never seen anything like it. Both teams tried to draw fouls, miss free throws and avoided taking shots at their own basket. Starters from both teams sat on the… read more

Love with skin on

By Steve Harper
The schools of love established by the early Christians made the curriculum of love concrete. While they could engage in deep studies about love and participate in inspiring… read more

7 things the church can't do for the pastor

By Ron Edmondson
Pastor, there are some things your church can’t do for you. They simply can’t. Please understand. I love the church. Greatly. I’m a local church guy. But, they… read more

Sin that enslaves us

By LinC (Living in Christ), Samantha Tidball
Nearly everyone is affected by addiction, whether they are addicts themselves or know someone who is. Addictions run rampant in our culture and destroy careers, families… read more

Why justification by faith matters

By Matt O'Reilly, Seedbed
Matt O'Reilly discusses the importance of the doctrine of justification by faith in this video from Seedbed's Seven Minute Seminary series. Matt O'Reilly blogs at… read more

Mixed messages about money

By Rebekah Simon-Peter
A friend related the following story to me. “Before I left for church on Sunday, I realized it was the week to make a contribution to the church. I hadn’t been there… read more

Evangelicals and scientists are closer than many realize

By Cathy Lynn Grossman / Religion News Service
WASHINGTON (RNS) The sociologist who busted myths last year with her study finding that the majority of scientists are religious, not God-denying atheists, is at it again. Elaine… read more

Do you understand what you're signing up for?

By Mike Slaughter
The Lenten season marks a time for soul assessment and realigning with the priorities of God. Just as the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days to confront temptation… read more

Living as more than labels

By Mike Poteet, LinC (Living in Christ)
The new movie “The Duff” tackles the topic of youth pecking orders. Bianca (played by Mae Whitman) finds out other students at her high school think of her as a… read more

Future hope and current truths

By Julius Calvin Trimble
This article is part of Ministry Matters' ongoing collection of responses to President Obama's Selma speech. Follow the project as it grows and join the discussion at… read more
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