Progress, pushback and clergy women

By Kira Schlesinger
Yesterday, in a momentous occasion, the Church of England consecrated its first female bishop, The Reverend Libby Lane, now Bishop of Stockport. This event was made possible by a… read more

The lose-lose of ministry

By Preston Morgan
When I started pastoral ministry as a seminary student I was told that I needed “skin like a rhino and a heart like Mother Teresa.” Now, only four years into pastoral… read more

5 Proverbial tweets

By Matt Rawle
Two billion people across the globe are connected to each other via some form of online social media. Whether it is Facebook statuses or Twitter tweets or Snapchat chats or Vine… read more

Bread crumbs — Some stay the course

By Ed Zinkiewicz
Steve Jobs spoke highly of belief and confidence in the Stanford commencement address he made in 2005: “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them … read more

When pastors don't give

By Joseph Yoo
“Right now, I don't think I can really give anything to the church.” “I'd love to give to the church, really, but I still have so much student loans to pay… read more

How Franklin Graham transformed a debate about Duke Chapel into a culture war

By Aaron Griffith
(RNS) Franklin Graham’s Facebook fulminations last week about plans to issue the Muslim call to prayer from the bell tower of Duke Chapel transformed what could have been a… read more

You can't call violence Christian

By Courtney T Ball
Recently on Ministry Matters, Mark Lockard asked, ‘American Sniper’ or ‘Selma’: How Christian is your movie choice? In his article he juxtaposed the… read more

‘Into the Woods’ and forgiveness

By Jason C. Stanley
Disney brings the popular Broadway musical to the big screen doing very little harm to the story. “Into the Woods” is a mash-up of popular fairy tales, almost all of… read more

Atlanta is burning: A new and ominous threat to religious liberty

By R. Albert Mohler Jr., Kelly Shackleford
(RNS) One day Atlanta has a fire chief; the next day it doesn’t. Once again, a moral scandal takes down a public official. What was the scandal involving Chief Kelvin… read more

Putting our money where our faith is by divesting from fossil fuels

By Jim Wallis
WASHINGTON (RNS) We’re a few weeks into 2015, which means many of us are striving to keep our New Year’s resolutions while others have already seen their best… read more

Rest in peace, Dr. Borg

By David F. Watson
When I was a grad student, I was asked to pick up a world-famous author and professor from the airport, chauffeur him back to campus and make sure he had everything he needed… read more

On the wrong side of Jesus

By David Horton
It was my honor to pray with Muslim students at Duke University. God must have been smiling on that beautiful day in spring 2013. The warm sun shone and a fresh breeze swept… read more
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