When you find yourself in a pit…

By Clifton Stringer
Joseph's story is one of the most moving in the whole Bible. It reaches out to us and involves us in the drama of Joseph's life. In Genesis 37:23-24, Joseph's villainous brothers… read more

Remembering the march from Selma to Montgomery

By Rebekah Jordan Gienapp
Selma to Montgomery The 50th anniversary of the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery will be commemorated in Alabama next month. The film “Selma,”… read more

4 reasons every pastor needs a good pastor friend

By Ron Edmondson
Every pastor needs at least one good pastor friend. I’m thankful to serve and have served in churches with a good number of staff members I consider not only co-laborers… read more

The one thing every superhero needs

By Joseph Yoo
I've had a lifelong obsession with comic superheroes. And the one thing that all of my favorite superheroes have in common is courage. Courage seems to be the defining… read more

The mark of courage: Taking ashes for the first time

By Lily Burana / Religion News Service
(RNS) Lately, a particular quote has been wending its way around Facebook, popping up in the feeds of the most disparate names on my friends list. It appears written in feminine… read more

The ash remains

By Adam Thomas
Our twins are six and half months old. They’re sleeping pretty well, waking either zero or once during the night. They’re beginning to crawl and sit up by themselves… read more

Ashes on ice: Celebrating Ash Wednesday at home

By Greg Moore
The weather is usually a safe topic of conversation. It’s an easy way to chat without having to talk about important matters. It’s the preferred way to break the ice… read more

Does God care if you give up chocolate?

By Mark Lockard
Lent begins tomorrow. If you’re like me, you’re running into the familiar wall of thinking about what Lent means and how to properly approach the season. Even in some… read more

Obama’s God talk ‘doesn’t stand a chance’ in a polarized America

By Cathy Lynn Grossman / Religion News Service
WASHINGTON (RNS) After taking heat from the religious right for saying Christians and Muslims have all committed horrors in God’s name, President Obama is now angering the… read more

Pope Francis condemns Islamic State’s executions of Christians in Libya

By David Gibson / Religion News Service
VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis on Monday (Feb. 16) denounced the brutal slayings of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by militants linked to the Islamic State, saying “they… read more

Brian Williams and the nature of forgiveness

By Christy Thomas
Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief; Pastor, priest, newsman, chief … all have this in common: Each has the capacity to betray trust in profoundly public and private… read more

Beyond rhetoric to relationships in a multireligious world

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Our daughter's best friend at UNC-Chapel Hill was a very bright young Muslim woman named Uzma Panjwani. Liz, our daughter, went to Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, Uzma… read more
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