A ‘religious freedom’ proposal that I can agree with

By Jay Michaelson / Religion News Service
NEW YORK (RNS) I’m not supposed to like this idea. It was put forward by a conservative Christian pastor who says that “Faithful American Christians are increasingly… read more

The war against Christians must end

By Jeffrey Salkin / Religion News Service
(RNS) Last week, al-Shabab militants, aligned with al-Qaida, stormed the campus of Garissa University College in Kenya, asking students about their religion. They spared the lives … read more

Unbinding the strong man

By Dan R. Dick
Mark 3:20-25 The title of this sermon is a nod to Ched Meyer’s fabulous commentary on Mark’s story of Jesus, Binding the Strong Man (Maryknoll, N. Y.: Orbis, 1988)… read more

How to avoid anti-Jewish preaching

By Dave Barnhart
“Don’t preach something that gets my kids bullied on the bus.” That’s what our guest lecturer, Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, said to our preaching class over a… read more

Blood moons and the resurrection of Jesus

By Tom Fuerst
I’m honestly not all that familiar with blood moon theology. I’ve never much cared for John Hagee and his odd antics. But from the little bit I understand about his… read more

Nobody likes change

By Joseph Yoo
Nobody likes change. When people claim that they love change, what they really mean is they love to be the implementers of change. Nobody likes change sprung upon them. When… read more

Sermon Options: May 31, 2015

By Ministry Matters
Guess What Happened in Worship Isaiah 6:1-8If someone commissioned me to write a book entitled Interesting Things That Happened in Worship, I would have abundant material. It… read more

We Know. . . Nothing

By Thomas R. Steagald
John 3:1-17 You are a day or two from graduation, and the registrar grabs you and tells you there is a math class you signed up for and forgot to attend, but you have to pass the… read more

Gardner C. Taylor, dean of black preachers, dies at 96

By Adelle M. Banks / Religion News Service, B. Denise Hawkins
(RNS) The Rev. Gardner C. Taylor, widely considered the dean of the nation’s black preachers and “the poet laureate of American Protestantism,” died Sunday… read more

A justice system that Mo'ne and Jesus would love

By Bill Mefford
When Mo’ne Davis starred last summer as a pitcher with an 80 mile-an-hour fastball in the Little League World series, I was, like everyone else, impressed. As impressive as… read more

Easter: Taming the wild beasts

By Allan R. Bevere
After the Sabbath the women make their way to Jesus' tomb to lovingly finish their obligations toward their Lord. In haste, they could not complete the anointing of Jesus' body… read more

Whom are you looking for?

By Adam Thomas
This morning we walk with Mary Magdalene to the tomb and find it empty. And yet our emptiness doesn’t last for long because Jesus, the Risen Christ, stands there, shining… read more
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