Why we can't cover our post-election wounds prematurely

By Billy Doidge Kilgore
On election night, I rinsed plates and loaded the dishwasher. The chore occupied my anxious hands as the electoral map turned red and blue. After Florida proved too close to call… read more

Embracing the complexity of real American people

By Clifton Stringer
Since Donald Trump's surprise victory — and I was among those surprised — numerous good posts and commentaries have appeared exploring it from different angles. Amidst … read more

The demoralized preacher

By James C. Howell
I find myself exhausted and demoralized by the disparity between what I want to say and feel led to say in the pulpit, and what I actually wind up saying. Take this week as… read more

Cultivating compassion

By Kyle Reynolds
In the midst of the wide-ranging reactions to the election this week, one particular stream of responses has caused me much reflection. It is the response that sounds something… read more

Do not be led astray

By Dane Womack
Luke 21:5-195When some were speaking about the temple, how it was adorned with beautiful stones and gifts dedicated to God, he said, 6“As for these things that you see, the… read more

Prayer, pizza and blazing signs of hope

By Deborah Lewis
It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. On Wednesday, as the nation reeled over our election results, I woke up after barely five hours of sleep to a text from one of my … read more

Processing the unimaginable: Guidance for pastors and leaders after the election

By F. Willis Johnson
On November 8, the election for President of United States of America yielded a result that made the most vulnerable among us more vulnerable still. In the hours, and now days… read more

3 ways to practice civility after a very uncivil election

By Ed Stetzer / Religion News Service
(RNS) The once noble goal of decency in politics seems to have gotten lost, and the Christian’s call to love along with it. For the sake of the Kingdom of God and the good… read more

Mr. Trump, you surprised me

By Adam Thomas
Dear Mr. Trump, You surprised me last summer when you entered the large field of Republican candidates for president. I expected you to make a little news and then fade back to… read more

What would Jesus share?

By Nance Hixon
One of my professors in seminary, Sam Wells, compares living faithfully to doing improv. That's because, he says, "we face new circumstances in each generation that … read more

Joseph’s dreams

By Brett Younger
Matthew 1:18-25 Saint Joseph is the patron saint of cabinetmakers, confectioners, engineers, immigrants, house hunters, travelers, pioneers, pregnant women, fathers, and married… read more

Sermon Options: December 18, 2016

By Ministry Matters
CHRISTMAS IS... Isaiah 7:10-16 During a past Christmas season a five-year-old boy was playing with our son and stayed at our house for lunch. As I served their meal I noticed our… read more
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