Why you can't trust God

By Tom Fuerst
We live in a generation of doubt. On its own, this is neither good nor bad. It just is. I’ve written before on the fact that Christians ought to embrace those who doubt… read more

Distractions: a poetic reflection

By Marilyn E. Thornton
DistractionsI wanted to write something about Robin Williams But the armed conflict in Ferguson, MO keeps distracting me.I remember when the tanks rolled down the streets of… read more

Hundreds of Duke students rally with Muslims at Friday’s call to prayer

By Yonat Shimron / Religion News Service
DURHAM, N.C. (RNS) In the end, the Muslim call to prayer was broadcast from a small black speaker perched on the steps of the Duke Chapel Friday (Jan. 16), as hundreds of… read more

Duke cancels Muslims’ call to prayer after Franklin Graham leads revolt

By Mariam Sobh / Religion News Service
(RNS) Officials at Duke University abruptly dropped plans to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer from the iconic bell tower of Duke Chapel after online protests led by evangelist… read more

Lent worship resources

By Myca Alford
Continue the journey to Imagine No Malaria with us in Lent! Our team has been working hard to produce an undated and themed set of graphics, worship resources and videos that… read more

Why am I United Methodist?

By Matt Rawle
Several of my friends and colleagues are posting why they are United Methodist. I would write a full article, but my answer is too short. Why am I United Methodist? I am United… read more

Don't apply Scripture; embody it

By Allan R. Bevere
I dislike the language of application when it comes to reading Scripture. To apply something is to coat the surface, as one applies a coat of paint to a house. Application just… read more

Starry, starry night

By Wendy Joyner
Isaiah 40:21-31 Do you remember the first time you looked up into the night sky and really noticed the stars? I do. As a college student, I served as a summer missionary in a… read more

The art of the children's sermon

By Leigh Meekins
Children’s sermons can be the most awkward time of the whole worship service for the pastor, yet they are as much a part of worship as the congregational prayer, the sermon, … read more

7 recommendations for those studying to be a pastor

By Ron Edmondson
I have the opportunity to talk with young pastors each week. I also interact regularly with those who are preparing for the pastorate. I love investing in the next generation of… read more

France ponders its response to shootings: Will xenophobia or multiculturalism win?

By Elizabeth Bryant / Religion News Service
PARIS (RNS) As France emerges from its worst terrorist attack in decades, a biting novel that imagines the country governed by Islamic law is part of a swirling debate about its… read more

Nigerian archbishop calls for unity marches following Boko Haram massacres

By Fredrick Nzwili / Religion News Service
(RNS) Nigerian Roman Catholic Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama says his country needs a similar march to the one held in Paris on Sunday (Jan. 11) to pay tribute to victims of Islamist … read more
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