Sermon Options: January 25, 2015

By Ministry Matters, Sermon Options
When Revival Comes Jonah 3:1-5, 10 Every Sunday school student knows the story of Jonah and the great fish. One of my favorite childhood songs comes from that story: “This… read more

God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary

By Joseph Yoo
I'm guilty of adopting the "go big or go home" mentality in all that I do. When I want to do an act of kindness, I want to make it count. I want it to have a big impact. I… read more

3 principles for giving beyond Christmas

By Lindsey Foster Stringer
Seven red kettles ringing. Six email campaigns dinging. Five Gofundme requests! Over the last two weeks, I've received each type of request for monetary donations listed above and … read more

People of faith have legitimate questions about use of lethal drones

By George Hunsinger
(RNS) Since June 18, 2004, the first day U.S. drones killed people in what has been called the U.S. “global war on terror,” people of faith have questioned whether the … read more

Sermon Options: January 18, 2015

By Ministry Matters, Sermon Options
Seeing the Vision 1 Samuel 3:1-10 As we move further into the 21st century, think back to the persons who made the most different in the way we live. Chances are, the list… read more

Fleeing persecution, Christian converts find safe houses in England

By Trevor Grundy / Religion News Service
CANTERBURY, England (RNS) As a 17-year-old convert to Christianity living in Pakistan, Ali (not his real name) was stabbed in the chest and left for dead by Muslims upset he had… read more

Doing the voices

By Dave Barnhart
“Do the voices, Daddy.” It’s a common request that kids make of their parents when it is bedtime, and the parent has been dragging through the bedtime ritual… read more

Our response to brokenness

By Courtney T Ball
I heard angry yelling coming from the street outside. Up to that point, it had been a relaxing Saturday morning in the summer. I walked out onto my front porch to see what was… read more

Ending our nation’s addiction to torture

By Ron Stief
(RNS) The sickening details of the CIA’s immoral torture program have been laid bare with the release Tuesday (Dec. 9) of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture… read more

Selfish or sacrificial?

By LinC (Living in Christ), Tiffany Manning
Over the past two years, the award-winning “Hunger Games” films have captured the attention of moviegoers of all ages. This trilogy is based on an act of sacrifice:… read more

Methodist constructive theology

By Sarah Heaner Lancaster
When I was a student, one of my professors tried to explain to us what our education was for. He said something like this: “A pedantic person thinks only what other minds… read more

Review: ‘Tolkien’

By Randall Hardman
I first became a lover of Tolkien's Middle-earth in the fall prior to the release of the film adaption of “The Fellowship of the Ring.” I had received for my birthday… read more
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