September 17, 2017

By Magrey deVega
Gathering Prayer Loving and gracious God, open our hearts and our minds to the work of your Spirit, that you might illuminate our darkness and lead us to new hope and possibility. … read more

September 10, 2017

By Josh Davis
Call to Worship (Based on Hebrews 10:19-25) LEADER: Brothers and sisters, we have confidence that we can enter the holy of holies by means of Jesus’s blood PEOPLE: Through a … read more

September 3, 2017

By Josh Davis
Responsive Reading LEADER: This earth is groaning and in turmoil. PEOPLE: Do you see, God? Do you care? LEADER: Hatred runs rampant and ravages villages and homes and entire… read more

August 27, 2017

By Josh Davis
Gathering Prayer  Most merciful God, we come before you today recognizing that in your mercy you have given us another day. Your mercies were brand new this morning when we… read more

August 20, 2017

By Josh Davis
Gathering Prayer O God, as we assemble today, we recognize that you are the one gathering us from east and west, north and south. We gather today not only to receive from you but… read more

August 13, 2017

By Scott Hoezee
Gathering Prayer (drawn from Psalm 85) Lord our God, your salvation is near to us and so in worship we now draw near to you. We thank you and praise you for your righteousness… read more

August 6, 2017

By Scott Hoezee
Gathering Prayer Dear God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—we come before you today from a world that is hungry to know you, to find you, to wrestle with you until some… read more

Outside the Door to the Christian Life

By O. Wesley Allen Jr.
It could be hard to be a Christian in the first century. Remember, back then most Christians were Jews: if you were a Jew who was a Christian, other Jews who didn’t believe… read more

July 30, 2017

By Scott Hoezee
Gathering Prayer Dear God, your kingdom has come near to us and yet in this world it can be difficult to see that same kingdom. We believe in your kingdom among us, yet it often… read more

July 23, 2017

By Erin Wathen
Call to Worship L: Come with joy, come with thanksgiving, P: This is holy ground. L: Bring your sorrow, bring your pain, P: This is holy ground. L: Speak words of blessing, pour… read more

July 16, 2017

By Erin Wathen
Preaching Theme So this farmer went out with a bunch of seeds. And he scattered them far and wide. Some fell on the road, so the road runners ate them. Some fell on the red rock;… read more

July 9, 2017

By Erin Wathen
Call to Worship L: For the gift of loving family, P: We give you thanks, O Lord. L: For the grace of gathered community, P: We give you thanks, O Lord. L: For the journey of… read more
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