Weekly Preaching: September 10, 2017

By James C. Howell
For my sermon, I'll use Romans 13:8-14 as a frame around what I will say about Exodus 12.  We are doing a little intro to Passover food and Judaism that week, and… read more

How should Christians approach gene editing?

By Dave Barnhart
Biological revolution For years, we’ve seen stories about gene splicing and genetically modified organisms. In the last decade, researchers have discovered ways to breed… read more

Dying to live — Losing in order to win

By Guy Ames
Philippians 3:4b-14 Mildred always dressed like a rainbow. Not a particularly attractive woman, she wore designer clothes, pounds of makeup, and offered her faith to everyone she… read more

Sermon Options: October 8, 2017

By Ministry Matters
Stop and Listen Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20 It is to laugh. My father is being dragged—kicking and screaming—into the information age. The kicking and screaming part is… read more

Without labor nothing prospers

By Tiffany Manning
In 1894 Congress passed an act declaring the first Monday of September to be a legal holiday for the purpose of celebrating Labor Day. Many of the original Labor Day celebrations… read more

Weekly Preaching: September 3, 2017

By James C. Howell
For us, Labor Day weekend attendance sags. I hate it for the people, as we are treated this week to not one but two of the most fantastic texts in all of Scripture: Exodus 3:1-15, … read more


By James A. Harnish
Helpless! The word reverberates in our souls when we see people being rescued from the roofs of their flooded homes. It beats in our hearts as we watch water-soaked people make… read more

C.S. Lewis on nationalism

By Randy Hardman
C.S. Lewis knew a thing or two about the dangers of nationalistic thinking. Although he was extremely proud of both England and his own Irish heritage, Lewis lived in the context… read more

Wonder Woman and faith

By Mike Poteet
Summer of “the superheroine” This summer belonged to Wonder Woman. As of August 9, Wonder Woman was the summer’s box office champion, earning over $400 million… read more

Use the keys

By Jake Owensby
Wearing a clerical collar and, as I recall, a black suit, I stood in line waiting to buy something at a drugstore near the church I was serving. A man directly in front of me… read more

Sermon Options: October 1, 2017

By Ministry Matters
Out of Water Exodus 17:1-7 The wandering about in the wilderness did not suit the Israelites. At times, the whole deliverance project seemed aimless. And the people would grow… read more

God with us

By Tracey Allred
Exodus 17:1-7 There are many parts of the Bible that I wish I could have experienced firsthand. I would love to meet individuals like Abraham, Esther, Samuel, Rahab, David, and so … read more
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