The moment when you realize you're Pharaoh

By Joseph Yoo
We had promised our son a new bike when we moved to Houston. While he was in Dallas staying with his cousins, I figured it would be a great surprise for him to come home and see… read more

'Tis the season: Whose side is God on?

By James C. Howell
In America, we have what appears to be an ever-widening divide between conservatives and liberals. Which side is God on? Or is there one God’s a little more fond of? Abraham … read more

United Methodists and grace

By Jim Hawkins
Our doctrinal heritage “Grace pervades our understanding of Christian faith and life,” according to the section on distinctive Wesleyan emphases of “Our… read more

Why is Christianity declining in America?

By Shane Raynor
On this episode of News and Religion, the panel and I discuss reasons for the so-called decline of Christianity in America put forward in a recent column by ethicist David Gushee. … read more

The cross or the flag

By Kira Schlesinger
As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, a date that happens to fall on a Sunday this year, I am sure many churches are preparing to address… read more

The morality of money and partisan politics

By Mike Slaughter
In the final months leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, candidates are unveiling their economic strategies. The media has speculated throughout this campaign cycle… read more

Sermon Options: October 9, 2016

By Ministry Matters
ENDURE HARDSHIP 2 TIMOTHY 2:8-15 Phoebe Cary's The Leak in the Dike, tells of Peter, who happily went on an errand for his mother. The task completed, Peter started home… read more

A letter from home

By John D.I. Essick
Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7 The elders and priests were a little frantic yesterday as they anticipated the reading of the most recent letter from Jeremiah, who is still residing in… read more

The EpiPen controversy: Christians, health care and free markets

By Shane Raynor
On this episode of the News and Religion podcast, the panel and I discuss the recent EpiPen controversy, including the role Christians play in health care, free markets and… read more

'Tis the season: Christian citizenship

By James C. Howell
Read Rev. Howell's previous 'Tis the Season articles covering the 2016 election here. I’ve always been fond of Paul’s words from a prison in Rome, when he was… read more

More than a coach

By Tracey Allred
2 Timothy 1:1-14 My husband is a huge college basketball fan, spending most of his free time in the winter watching as many games as possible. Needless to say, over the years, I… read more

Sermon Options: October 2, 2016

By Ministry Matters
GUARDING THE TREASURE 2 TIMOTHY 1:1-14 Paul tells Timothy that he has been entrusted with a treasure. To entrust is to place a valued keepsake in another person's possession. As a … read more
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