The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

By Shane Raynor
Remember the three backwoodsmen from the 1980's TV show Newhart? These guys were brothers, and whenever they'd enter a scene, one would announce, "Hi, I'm Larry; this is my… read more

Sermon Options: December 8, 2013

By Ministry Matters
CHRISTMAS GREATNESS Isaiah 11:1-10 Sometimes big things come in small packages. One man said that he had learned after years of marriage that when his wife says that she just… read more

A Prophetic Nudge

By Mike Childress
Isaiah 11:1-10 Every now and then, Isaiah taps us on the shoulder to say, "You better sit up straight and listen to this!" Today's reading is just such a lesson. I call Isaiah… read more

Sermon Options: December 1, 2013

By Ministry Matters
GETTING READY Isaiah 2:1-5 "Are you ready yet?" My parents said those words to me practically every Sunday morning. They had to ask me that question because I was always the last… read more

A View from Above

By Mike Childress
Isaiah 2:1-5 This time of year is a real mixed bag. Advent and Christmas can be very difficult for some people. Depression and suicide increase more than any other time of year… read more

Sudafed Christianity

By Shane Raynor
A couple of years ago, I was dealing with a nasty cold, so I headed to my friendly neighborhood Walgreens for some Sudafed. This had been my over-the-counter decongestant of… read more

Communion of Saints

By Katie Shockley
What Is the Communion of Saints? When we gather in worship, we praise God with believers we cannot see. When we celebrate Holy Communion, we feast with past, present, and future… read more

A Splintered Throne

By Timothy L. Owings
Today's worship marks the last Sunday of the Christian year and centers around the theme of Christ the King. With the passing of this day, our hearts and minds turn toward Advent, … read more

Third Sunday of Advent (Year A)

By Paul Scott Wilson
The Lessons in Précis While waiting and asking for hope, we are given relentless images of estrangement and parched life turned into deep relief. Isaiah 35:1-10 Sorrow and… read more

Sermon Options: November 24, 2013

By Ministry Matters
GOD IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS JEREMIAH 23:1-6 Jeremiah speaks of the coming of a king whose name is a remarkable summary and affirmation of the faith to which the whole Bible… read more

Christ the King (Basic Bible Commentary)

By Ministry Matters
Christ the King Sunday (Jeremiah 23:1-6; Luke 1:68-79; Colossians 1:11-20; Luke 23:33-43) The Message of Jeremiah 23—25 Jeremiah offers two notes of hope in these oracles… read more


By Don Underwood
Earlier this week I participated in the annual Clergy Retreat that was held for North Texas pastors at a retreat center on Lake Texoma. In order to save money on housing, I drove… read more
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