Stations of the heart

By Richard Lischer
Seven years ago, on the thirteenth day of April, my son called to tell me his cancer had returned. He was a grown man, but he told me his news like a boy. He said, “Hey… read more

Mourning the dead sermon

By Rich Jones
There are days, thankfully only a few, when the sermon dies a tragic death somewhere between the pulpit and the pew, before it even reaches the ears of the congregation. What felt … read more

4 realities to help discern a vocational call to ministry

By Ron Edmondson
Discerning a call to vocational ministry can be a tiring and trying experience. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with numerous young people and couples who are possibly… read more

Music and spirituality

By Steve Harper
I am on thin ice. I do not read music, and I am not a trained musician. So, whatever I have to say about it arises more from intuition than from knowledge. But even with my… read more

5 arguments to watch as the Supreme Court considers gay marriage

By Richard Wolf / USA Today
WASHINGTON — State bans on same-sex marriage have been justified based on judicial precedent, states’ rights, regulating procreation, optimal child-rearing and… read more

Living life abundantly

By Andrea Murdock, LinC (Living in Christ)
This coming Friday “The Age of Adaline” opens in movie theaters. In this story a young woman is blessed (cursed?) by the inability to age — or apparently to die… read more

I think the parsonage may be haunted

By Joseph Yoo
There are aspects to kids that are really creepy. I suspect that because of their youth and innocence, they see things that we jaded adults don't. If anyone can see otherworldly… read more

We can't run away from aging

By Missy Buchanan
Early each morning of our recent vacation, I took a low-rise beach chair from its perch above the high-tide line and moved it down to a place where the turquoise water of the… read more

Parents of murdered boy want life for Boston bomber

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald / USA Today
BOSTON (RNS) Parents of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy killed in the Boston Marathon bombings of April 2013, called on the government Friday (April 17) to end their quest for… read more

Is a state Bible a shallow Bible?

By Kira Schlesinger
In the state of Tennessee this week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would make the Bible our state book. Although it was subsequently defeated by the state… read more

I'm not a worthless sinner

By Tom Fuerst
Sometimes I hear Christians say the oddest things. And, no, I’m not just talking about odd Christians who predictably say odd things. I’m talking about the normal… read more

Jesus is aliveā€¦ so now what?

By Matt Rawle
Jesus is alive! He has risen. He has risen indeed … So what am I supposed to do now? Although they shared grief and sorrow (and fear) when Jesus was in the tomb, at least… read more
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