In praise of small churches

By Kira Schlesinger
While I was in Divinity School and throughout my discernment process for ordination, my one prayer was, “Please God, do not let me end up a solo clergyperson in a small … read more

Sermon Options: September 6, 2015

By Ministry Matters
WHAT’S IN A NAME? PROVERBS 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23 A name is only composed of letters that make a sound. It is the person that bears those letters who is important. No matter how … read more

Listening ears

By Tracey Allred
James 1:17-27 We spend a lot of time in our family discussing good listening skills. You see, we have a three-year-old daughter who is a regular chatterbox. She talks from the… read more

Don't blame Planned Parenthood for our abortion culture

By David Gushee / Religion News Service
(RNS) If you were repulsed by the viral video of Planned Parenthood discussing shipping fetal tissue to medical research labs, you're not alone. But you know who is really… read more

Crush Planned Parenthood

By Kirsten Powers / USA Today
Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards apologized last week for the uncompassionate tone her senior director of medical research, Deborah Nucatola, used to explain the process by … read more

Sermon Options: August 30, 2015

By Ministry Matters
THE DREAM OF LOVE SONG OF SOLOMON 2:8-13 The theme of the book of the Song of Solomon is a “celebration of love.” Bible scholars have interpreted this passage several… read more

Who is Jesus?

By Ross West
John 6:56-69 Peter’s question haunts us too. Peter asked, “To whom can we go?” The question came at the end of a long two days. The day before Peter asked his… read more

Why Franklin Graham is wrong — and right — about Islam

By Shane Raynor
When I saw Franklin Graham’s Facebook post last Friday about Muslims and immigration, I wondered how long it would take the news media to fire up the outrage brigade. It… read more

That time Harper Lee put a mirror up and made us face our true selves

By Ben Gosden
A lot of ink has been spilled (or digitally typed, I suppose) about Harper Lee’s new (old) book, "Go Set a Watchman." Supposedly, this was the original book she submitted… read more

Lawmakers call for probes into Planned Parenthood video allegations

By Jennifer Calfas / USA Today
Lawmakers are calling for investigations into a health care provider that has come under fire by anti-abortion activists for allegedly selling fetal organs for profit. The… read more

A Methodist reading of ‘Go Set a Watchman’

By Will Willimon / United Methodist News Service
Jemson was Methodist of the whole cloth: he was notoriously short on theology and a mile long on good works — from “Go Set a Watchman,” by Harper Lee One of the… read more

The speech of women

By Kira Schlesinger
The first time I preached a sermon to the congregation where I was doing my field education during Divinity School, I was terrified. Afterward, I received a lot of positive and… read more
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