Sexual abuse and the Christian response

By Mark Lockard
The important thing for the Christian church to remember about Josh Duggar’s sexual assault and the subsequent cover-up is this: it’s going to happen again.  Any… read more

Gay marriage debate shouldn’t be winner-take-all

By Robin Fretwell Wilson / USA Today
If the Supreme Court rules that there is a constitutional right to gay marriage, religious charities could be in for a big shock. Religious people who believe in marriage as it… read more

What millennials crave and how the church can relate

By Chris Folmsbee, Brad Hanna
It’s hard to keep up. It seems that every time we open our social media feeds, we are greeted with yet another article about how millennials are leaving the church. Most of… read more

Misunderstanding purpose

By Courtney T Ball
Why did you get out of bed this morning? My guess is your answer involves more than, “I got bored with lying there,” or, “I had to go to the bathroom.”… read more

Who are ‘the least of these’? Scholars say they may not be the poor

By Jonathan Merritt / Religion News Service
(RNS) When asked to describe the essence of the Christian message, Mother Teresa would often hold up a child’s hand and recite Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:40:… read more

When churches say no

By Robert Schnase
Why have people come to expect that the answer to anything new in the church is No? Perhaps it’s because the church sends a thousand subtle messages of being closed to new… read more

Wesley's lessons

By Roger Ross
“To reach people that no one is reaching you have to do things that no one is doing.” — Craig Groeschel Love makes you do crazy things. When my wife and I… read more

Are churches failing the poor? Yes and no

By Jacob Lupfer / Religion News Service
Are churches failing the poor? Against the backdrop of persistent poverty and dramatically increasing income inequality, that question has gained renewed currency. New York Times… read more

Create new entry points

By F. Douglas Powe Jr., Jasmine Rose Smothers
Churches have long assumed that new people would engage their congregations by first attending worship. When they are not growing and attracting new people, the church blames the… read more

Franklin Graham’s Facebook prayers target Supreme Court justices on gay marriage

By Lauren Markoe / Religion News Service
(RNS) Evangelist Franklin Graham has taken to Facebook to plead for prayers on behalf of each U.S. Supreme Court justices as they prepare to rule on gay marriage. Recognizing… read more

Faithfully facing technology's perils and promise

By Mike Poteet
This summer’s most anticipated new blockbuster, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” is a variation on the old story of Frankenstein. Tony Stark — the brilliant… read more

You can’t go home again

By Thomas Lane Butts
Mark 6:1-13 One cannot read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life without having a deep sense of longing and wonderment about what was going on with Jesus in those years… read more
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