Executions are down and abolition may not be far behind

By Shane Claiborne
(RNS) It looks like the death penalty may be on life support. January was set to be the deadliest month for U.S. executions in 2015, but nine of the 15 executions were stopped. In … read more

Grace and 'Groundhog Day'

By Mark Lockard
Every year, without fail, I watch “Groundhog Day” — the perfect, masterful Bill Murray flick — on Groundhog Day. Yesterday, I didn’t. I … read more

Rejecting conversion therapy, accepting love

By Sarah Grove
As a queer theologian, I celebrate my sexual orientation as a beautiful facet of being created in the image of the Divine. Indeed, the culminating moment of coming out to myself… read more

In Egypt, atheists considered a ‘dangerous development’

By Sarah Lynch / USA Today
CAIRO (RNS) In Egypt, there is seemingly no place where atheists or those thought to be nonbelievers are safe. They’ve been targeted at cafes, harassed on the streets and… read more

Wild dogs and unwatched babies: Why we can't heal the UMC

By Christy Thomas
A couple of weeks ago, I was in Costa Rica for a Pacific Coast sunset wedding at a small, remote place called Samara Beach. No resort town here, despite the spectacular beach. The … read more

Everyone wants to know: What is love?

By Courtney T Ball
Perhaps this is old news to you, but I learned today that “What is love?” was the third-highest-ranked “what is” question asked by Google searchers in… read more

Preacher Prep: Second Sunday in Lent

By Sally A. Brown, Cynthia L. Rigby
The following is an excerpt from the Abingdon Theological Companion to the Lectionary, available from cokesbury.com.  Second Sunday in Lent The Lessons in… read more

Trust God: In Loving Memory of Bishop Rueben P. Job, February 7, 1928 — January 3, 2015

By Neil M. Alexander
Bishop Rueben P. Job helped many of us give ourselves to lives of prayer, which takes us into active engagement with God’s leading, prodding, and sanctifying love. He is… read more

Sermon Options: March 8, 2015

By Ministry Matters
Principles for Quality Living Exodus 20:1-17 These timeless commandments were given to Moses on Mount Sinai en route to the Promised Land. They have never lost their relevance… read more

Chargeable Offenses and Complaints

By Joe E. Pennel, Jr.
I am thankful that The United Methodist Church, unlike many denominations, has a process for handling complaints brought against clergy. Our procedures are informed by the… read more

Holy Conversation

By Circuit Rider
 How do you think clergy and annual conferences should negotiate the tension between accountability to church law and a refusal to conform? Here are … read more


By Brian Milford
Eugene Peterson’s contributions to theology and practice are assessed by several essays in Pastoral Work: Engagements with the Vision of Eugene Peterson (Cascade Books… read more
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