I thirst

By Matt Rawle
There once was a young boy playing football outside in the street all afternoon in the summertime heat. The streetlights, which stood as end-zone markers, began to glow as the… read more

International Women's Day

By Kira Schlesinger
My first encounter with International Women’s Day was only four years ago when my Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor brought in a rose for each of the women in the group … read more

Sermon Options: April 24, 2016

By Ministry Matters
OVERCOMING BARRIERS ACTS 11:1-18 Part of the gospel's resurrection message is the breaking down of human prejudices and barriers that separate humanity. All have sinned according… read more

Ethnic diversity and Christian faith

By Mike Poteet
Movie fans and celebrity watchers expect memorable moments from the Academy Awards. This year’s Oscars proved memorable long before the first statuette was handed out. For… read more

God Is the God of All

By Eradio Valverde Jr.
Acts 11:1-18 In my first year of seminary, I was required to take a course affectionately referred to as “Super Bible.” On the academic quarter system of this… read more

Healing brokenness

By Adam Thomas
We live in a broken world: broken homes, broken promises, broken government, broken ecosystems. We’re used to brokenness. We learn to live with it. We hear about another… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Lord's Prayer and wading pool theology

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: Why is the Catholic Lord’s Prayer different from the Protestant Lord’s Prayer? What Protestants call the Lord’s Prayer and Catholics call … read more

Sermon Options: April 17, 2016

By Ministry Matters
WALKING IN FAITH  ACTS 9:36-43 On the heels of an incredible miracle of healing for Aeneas, the eight-year bedridden paralytic, the apostle Peter is seen again following in… read more

I know them

By Roberto L. Gómez
John 10:22-30 The British rock band Led Zeppelin sang a song called “Dazed and Confused.” At times we may feel dazed and confused emotionally, intellectually, or… read more

Sermon Options: April 10, 2016

By Ministry Matters
UNLIKELY HEROES ACTS 9:1-6 (7-20) God is described in the Bible as being fond of using unlikely sources or people to accomplish his purposes. The selection of the people that he… read more

Heavenly praise and worship

By Roberto L. Gómez
Revelation 5:11-14 One of the great joys of my life is that once in a while God gives me a glimpse of heaven. Each glimpse has been an experience of great joy and wonder. Some… read more

Remembering Julia Wilke, co-author of Disciple Bible Study

By Wini Grizzle
Hearts were deeply saddened on Friday, February 26, 2016, when the word came that Julia Wilke had departed this earth, as a result of complications during surgery. Julia, wife of… read more
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