Allowing holy second thoughts

By Isaac Villegas
Fifteen of us pulled our chairs into a tight circle, huddled in a small conference room for the morning session of our denominational board meeting. Anxiety poured into the room… read more

Choose life

By Rose Taylor
September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. In an article from The New York Times (April 22, 2016), Sabrina Tavernise reports that suicide is at its highest level in … read more

Christians and politics? It's complicated.

By James C. Howell
So, over the past seven weeks we’ve looked at how to keep your spiritual equilibrium during this political season. We’ve suggested that God is asking us to fix… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Birth control, barrenness and God's curse

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I have family members who believe that using birth control is sinful because children are a blessing from God. They believe that people who use birth… read more

Sermon Options: October 16, 2016

By Ministry Matters
SPEAK AFTER ME 2 TIMOTHY 3:14–4:5 A nervous bride was concerned that she might not emotionally survive the trip down the aisle. When she shared her concern with the… read more

Hopeful expectation

By John D.I. Essick
Jeremiah 31:27-34 We love to count and rank events, people, athletes, books, and so on. It seems that just about any time I turn on ESPN or wait in line at the supermarket, I am… read more

Millennials, megachurches and the ESV Bible

By Shane Raynor
The panel and I discuss a Washington Post report about some D.C. area churches that have supposedly discovered the secret to reaching millennials. Other topics include the… read more

'Tis the season: Separation of church and state

By James C. Howell
With much wisdom and foresight, the founders of America built a “wall of separation” between Church and state. Thomas Jefferson was adamant that the state has no… read more

Make us one: Church unity and the Trinity

By Cameron Merrill
Conversations on the nature of unity, the future of the "united" in "The United Methodist Church," and what our role is in dividing or remaining together are legion, and we should … read more

Managing the Jesus way

By Rachel May
Rachel May, pastor of Boulevard United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia wonders if we've been misreading the parable of the "Dishonest Manager" (Luke 16:1-13) all these… read more

Building a sermon engagement strategy

By Chad Brooks
Do you want to keep folks focused on Sunday? You need a sermon engagement strategy… and I’m going to help you build one! It's a chance to make the sermon stretch past … read more

The moment when you realize you're Pharaoh

By Joseph Yoo
We had promised our son a new bike when we moved to Houston. While he was in Dallas staying with his cousins, I figured it would be a great surprise for him to come home and see… read more
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