Evangelism or hospitality — or both?

By Olu Brown
Some may contend that there is a stark difference between evangelism and hospitality, but I believe that in twenty-first-century culture they are the same strategy reflected… read more

Sermon Options: June 28, 2015

By Ministry Matters
Lament for Fallen Warriors 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27 Christians should lament the fall of Christian warriors (those falling into sin) as surely as David lamented the death of Saul and… read more

Can you be a Christian without believing in Christ?

By Trevin Wax / Religion News Service
(RNS) The rise of the “nones” — Americans who no longer check a religious affiliation on demographic surveys — has stirred up interesting conversations… read more

What's your starting point for evangelism?

By Joseph Yoo
It bothers me when some of my fellow Christians begin a dialogue about God, faith and religion with nonbelievers by telling them how much of a sinner they are. "You're going to… read more

Are we having communion today?

By Kenneth Loyer
The following is an adapted excerpt from Holy Communion: Celebrating God with Us by Kenneth M. Loyer (Abingdon Press). When the hour came, [Jesus] took his place at the table… read more

Out of the trenches

By Tracey Allred
Mark 5:21-43 I have often heard the expression you’ll never find an atheist in a foxhole. That is to say that when someone is facing the possibility of death, there are few… read more

Prophets and performance artists

By Dave Barnhart
Marina Abramovic, a performance artist, sat quietly for eight hours a day for three months across from an empty chair. She did not speak or move from the spot. Visitors would sit… read more

Sermon Options: June 21, 2015

By Ministry Matters
The Right Stuff 1 Samuel 17:(1a, 4-11, 9-23) 32-49 A movie that came out several years ago about America’s early Mercury and Apollo astronauts was entitled The Right Stuff… read more

When God finally speaks

By Ryan Wilson
Job 38:1-11 When people hear the name Job, it’s amazing to me how many talk about his patience. Maybe they have read the book of James in the New Testament and taken his… read more

Understanding privilege

By Matt Rawle
Talking about white privilege is a heated and difficult subject for some. You can almost see blood pressure rise and lips purse when mentioning the phrase in what was supposed to… read more

For Mother’s Day, a place to mourn the babies who never came home

By Lauren Markoe / Religion News Service
NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (RNS) The night she miscarried in 1968, Dorothy Caruso remembers remaining calm, as if she was watching someone else losing a much-wanted pregnancy. The baby was… read more

They're not thugs...they're Jesus.

By Charles Rotramel
These young men in the streets… They’re thugs, people say. They’re senseless and scary, people say. They’re tearing everything down, people say. These… read more
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