How should Christians respond to ISIS?

By Peter Surran
Recent news reports have been filled with stories of horrific violence committed by a terrorist organization that calls itself the “Islamic State” but has been called… read more

7 suggestions when your life is in drama

By Ron Edmondson
Cheryl and I were watching a drama show on television once — I don’t even remember which show it was — but the characters' lives were filled with marriage… read more

Sermon Options: December 14, 2014

By Sermon Options
The Good News of Christmas Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 In the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis, Odie is asleep on the floor. Garfield walks up, lifts Odie's ear, and whispers, "Christmas … read more

It's time to stop hiding behind words

By Joseph Yoo
I love words. I love reading words. I love writing words. I love writing words even more after earning a little income from the words I write. I love speaking words. I love… read more

Will anybody know?

By Travis Franklin
Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 This incredible passage of Scripture from Isaiah is a third part of the prophecy within Isaiah. A disciple of Deutero-Isaiah possibly wrote this third portion. … read more

GTS board to negotiate with terminated faculty

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey / Religion News Service
NEW YORK (RNS) The embattled General Theological Seminary will keep its controversial dean and has offered to negotiate employment possibilities with the majority of its faculty… read more

A 17-year-old boy has been crucified

By Shane Raynor
Did you know that ISIS militants crucified a 17-year-old boy in Raqqa, Syria a few days ago? If you follow a number of news sources, you probably read about it online. Or you may… read more

Being ‘benefit of the doubt’ people

By Tina Fox
My husband and I went to a mediocre marriage seminar a few years ago. I only remember one thing the speaker said that day, but it was worth the price of admission: “Think of … read more

Have you committed the unforgivable sin?

By Tom Fuerst
Since my earliest days reading the Bible, the concept of an “unforgivable sin” has struck me as odd. I even remember the questions it raised for me the first time I… read more

Sermon Options: December 7, 2014

By Sermon Options
A Voice in the Wilderness Isaiah 40:1-11 Speak tenderly? Not John! Isaiah might have expected it, but the John who quotes this passage, the John of tradition, the John who dressed … read more

Advent Repentance

By Paul E. Flesner
A Sermon on Mark 1:1-8 The way in which the church prepares for Christmas compared to the way the rest of the world prepares for Christmas is confusing to many… read more

Waiting with God

By Melissa Scott
1 Corinthians 1:3-9 I have never been good at waiting, but I have gotten less patient as I have gotten older. Perhaps this is because I now have a greater sense of how quickly… read more
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