What you can learn from a cookie thief

By Rabbi Evan Moffic
A woman was waiting for her plane at the airport. She went into a newsstand store and bought a bag of cookies. A few minutes later, she wanted to start nibbling on the cookies… read more

Sermon Options: September 10, 2017

By Ministry Matters
A Meal to Remember Scripture: Exodus 12:1-14 It is customary for a people being delivered to celebrate their freedom. The quirky nature of the Exodus story is that it is… read more

Leaving something behind

By Jake Owensby
“I’m trying to leave something behind.” This hook from Sean Rowe’s song “To Leave Something Behind” has lodged itself in my heart and in my… read more

Cabinet members study Bible together weekly

By Jessica Estepa / USA Today
(USA Today) — Members of President Trump's Cabinet attend a weekly Bible study, according to a new report. CBN News reported that once a week, about a dozen members of the… read more

Sermon Options: September 17, 2017

By Ministry Matters
Right of Passage Exodus 14:19-31 It's hard to forget the cartoons of Mad magazine that depicted Moses as a kid. There was one of Moses in the bathtub. The water formed walls on… read more

The practice of forgiveness

By David C. Hockett
Matthew 18:21-35 I once heard a conversation in which two individuals, one who had been assaulted and raped and the other who had been wrongly accused and convicted of the crime… read more

The way to a nation's heart

By Thomas R. Steagald
Exodus 12:1-14 Holidays are like every other day, only more so. People travel everyday; they just travel more for holidays. People have reunions every day, get together with… read more

The creeping appeal of eugenics

By Kira Schlesinger
It’s possible that our general political and cultural situation has me a bit on-edge and hyper-sensitive, but there have been a few articles over the last month that raised… read more

Environment, politics and faith

By Dave Barnhart
Picturing pollution In a photograph of Birmingham, Alabama, taken in 1972, the tops of the tallest buildings peek out above a yellow-brown haze. The official caption of the photo, … read more

The social solitude of preaching

By Talbot Davis
Preaching is an intensely solitary activity. Preaching is a thoroughly social exercise. Which is it? Solitary or social? Yes. My own process of preparation is wholly wrapped in… read more

When is it time to die? The Charlie Gard situation

By Christy Thomas
Charlie Gard’s parents have decided to give up the fight. I ache for them in every cell in my body. Charlie, as most know, was born unable to either see or hear, cannot move … read more

Weekly Preaching: August 6, 2017

By James C. Howell
Ordinary time... and yet two of the most un-ordinary, extra-ordinary texts in all of Scripture. First is Genesis 32:22-32. I’ll offer some comments, and offer… read more
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