October 9, 2016 - Taught by a Foreigner's Faith

By William H. Willimon
Encountering the text In last Sunday’s Gospel, we had the opportunity to reflect on the nature of faith in Jesus. We made two main points: (1) the amount of faith one has is … read more

October 2, 2016 - Faith: A Little Goes a Long Way

By William H. Willimon
Encountering the text Our Gospel today is drawn from a section of Luke that has a stream of parables and sayings that don’t appear to be connected at first. However, I think … read more

Biblical Preaching

By William H. Willimon
You’ll note that Pulpit Resource attempts to begin with scripture (taking our cues from the assigned lectionary texts), to explicate scripture (through confrontation with… read more

Preaching with a Hammer: Pursuing Justice in a Time of Fear

By Jacob D. Myers
Philosophy should be done with a hammer, Friedrich Nietzsche once said. So, too, preaching. Nietzsche penned these words in the context of his (in)famous attack on those… read more

Sermon Options: September 11, 2016

By Ministry Matters
RAGS TO RICHES: THE JOURNEY OF OUR FAITH 1 TIMOTHY 1:12-17 The words and experiences of Paul offer each of us a message of hope. These words remind us that no matter who we are… read more


By Scott Bullard
Luke 15:1-10 Luke 15 is recognized for “lost things.” In our passage for today, we see two parables—one about a lost sheep and one about a lost coin. These… read more

March 21, 2004 - All

By William H. Willimon
Encountering Luke We all know the story that Jesus tells in today’s gospel, one of Jesus’ most beloved, one of Luke’s great contributions to the literature of… read more

March 14, 2004 - Time to Change

By William H. Willimon
Encountering Luke It’s Lent, season of repentance, and this is the gospel of Luke where Jesus’ message is often, “Good news! Repent!” For Luke, the gospel… read more

March 7, 2004 - Repent

By William H. Willimon
Encountering Luke Here, at the beginning of Lent, our gospel, Luke 13:31-35, looks ahead to Jesus’ Passion. Jesus has “set his face to go to Jerusalem” (9:51)… read more

February 29, 2004 - Testing the Calling

By Thomas G. Long
Encountering Luke Both Luke and Matthew expand the very concise temptation scene in Mark (1:12-13) to a fully developed dramatic narrative, complete with three temptations and the … read more

February 22, 2004 - Shine, Jesus, Shine!

By Donna Claycomb Sokol
Encountering Luke Transfiguration Sunday is a transition Sunday. It is a bridge over which we walk to get to the season of Lent. The transfiguration is like a road sign pointing… read more

February 8, 2004 - Who Are You?

By William H. Willimon
Encountering Luke Jesus has dramatically called his disciples at the opening of Luke’s gospel. But vocation is not a onetime thing. Jesus keeps calling his disciples as they … read more
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