Ten Things I've Learned About Preaching

By Adam Thomas
I recently realized something that astounds me: this summer I passed the century mark for sermons preached. Since my first incoherent ramblings about the Letter to the Hebrews… read more

When the Spirit of God Shows Up

By Philip Wise
Joel 2:23-32 There is much in life that is unpredictable—our health, world affairs, and the behavior of others to name three. This unpredictability becomes significant only… read more

Understanding the People Within Your Reach

By Constance E. Stella
About a year ago, many of us were feeling battered by the national election. Remember the robo-calls? The constant TV ads? The reams of paper stuck in your storm door and mailbox? … read more

Calvin vs Wesley

By Shane Raynor
Calvin vs Wesley from Shane Raynor on Vimeo. These are some of my initial thoughts on the new book Calvin vs Wesley by Don Thorsen. Shane Raynor is an editor at Ministry Matters… read more

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

By Tricia Brown
I recently read a mother's post on Facebook regarding her young son. It said, "Ethan just drew what he said was a spider, then got scared and ran from it. I had to erase it for… read more

Review: Without Apology

By Eric Van Meter
Stanley Hauerwas has made his reputation as a scholar by writing what he believes is the candid truth about Christian theology and ethics. His sermons reflect the same commitment… read more

I Was Wrong: A Confession and Invitation

By Kasey Hitt
I don't know why it is so hard to admit being wrong. The truth is, it always has been for me. One reason is that I don't easily let go of things I believe to be true (just ask my… read more

Pastor Dress Code?

By Joseph Yoo
One of the most read posts on my blog deals with the "dress code" of clergy. What is the appropriate attire that a pastor should wear on Sunday mornings? And, is it really that… read more

How Can I Hear from God?

By David Dorn
"Where is God?" "How do I hear from God?" These are the most popular questions I get as a pastor. read more

Methodists and Gay Marriage

By Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
PBS's Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly did a story this week on United Methodists and gay marriage. What did you think of the piece? Was it done objectively? Would you have… read more

Wesleyans, Sin, and Holiness

By Shane Raynor
I've always been somewhat of a theology geek, but as I've matured (both in age and spiritually) I've increasingly lost patience with theological discussions that go nowhere and… read more

Sermon Options: October 20, 2013

By Ministry Matters
SPEAK AFTER ME 2 TIMOTHY 3:14–4:5 A nervous bride was concerned that she might not emotionally survive the trip down the aisle. When she shared her concern with the… read more
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