He Chose a Womb

By Erin Davis
Motherhood seems to be made up of a million small things. We hold our tiny babies. We fold their little clothes. We lose their tiny shoes in our mini vans and their teensy weensy… read more

Sermon Options: June 10, 2012

By Ministry Matters
The Perilous Path 1 Samuel 8:4-11 (12-15), 16-20 (11:14-15) Both Elvis and Sinatra released renditions of the song "My Way." This song, which sold very well for both artists… read more

What Should I Wear to Preach?

By Michael A. Brothers
Consulting a ministerial manual in mid-20th century America, the preacher was advised to garb and groom like a "minister and a gentlemen" with practical aphorisms, such as "a good … read more

Unbinding the Strong Man

By Dan R. Dick
Mark 3:20-25 The title of this sermon is a nod to Ched Meyer's fabulous commentary on Mark's story of Jesus, Binding the Strong Man (Maryknoll, N. Y.: Orbis, 1988). Early in… read more

The Unaware Leader: 10 Symptoms

By Ron Edmondson
A couple years ago there was a consistent problem in one of our areas of ministry. It was something which I would have quickly addressed, but no one brought it to my attention… read more

Sermon Series: The Power of Genesis

By Andrew D. Kinsey
4 Week Series Week 1: The Power of Image Genesis 1:27-28 Our job as Christians is always to "begin from the very beginning," wrote Karl Barth when describing the task of theology… read more

Sermon Options: June 3, 2012

By Ministry Matters
Guess What Happened in Worship Isaiah 6:1-8If someone commissioned me to write a book entitled Interesting Things That Happened in Worship, I would have abundant material. It… read more

Five Sensory Strategies

By Len Wilson
In Experiential Marketing, author Bernd Schmitt articulates a typology to replace the "features and benefits" approach to advertising, which has dominated marketing theory for… read more

The Preacher's Devotional Life

By Barbara Brown Taylor
The preacher is a living word about God's Word before the preacher ever says a word. When the preacher speaks, every word reveals the preacher's way of life. Devotion to God and… read more

Addicted to the Institution

By Bill Mefford
I remember when I was in seminary having a really strange conversation with another student. I remember him telling me that he saw the need for change in the United Methodist… read more

Taking Children's Safety Seriously

By Tricia Brown
Christy's friend was discussing churches. During one discussion Christy gave her opinion on one of the churches she and her husband had visited a year or two earlier. "We visited… read more

Reconciliation and Justice in the Inner City

By Deborah Ingraham
Changing Neighborhoods, Part 3 The average Protestant church in the U.S. was founded in 1940. Yours might be a little older or a little younger than that, but unless you've just… read more
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