Divine Persona

By Dan Flanagan
Luke 11:1-4 Psychiatrist Gerald May begins his book Addiction and Grace with a bold statement: "I am convinced that all human beings have an inborn desire for God" (Addiction and… read more

January Blues

By Matt Appling
The holiday season is finally coming to a close. Christmas used to last just twelve days (according to the old church calendars). With stores trotting out the decorations before… read more

Doing Things Differently in 2012

By Whitney Simpson
"Doing things differently" sounds so much better than change, doesn't it? Most of us are not fans of change and we often resist it to the bitter end. But, if we take a few steps… read more

Obedient Risk

By Jan Turrentine
Many years ago, the company my father worked for transferred him to a job 1000 miles and five states away. The route was clearly marked, the income steady and certain. Yet my… read more

Sermon Series: The Christian Faith

By Carl L. Schenck
3 Weeks Week 1: It's About Trust 1 Corinthians 8:1-13; Mark 1:21-28 What is Christian faith? Is it believing certain creeds, having a moving experience of God's mercy in Christ… read more

Fire of the Word

By Chris Webb
Video Source: InterVarsity Press Ministry Matters is not responsible for content or advertising on external sites. read more

Health of a Leader

By Ron Edmondson
I work with a lot of church leaders. One thing I've discovered, if they let me get close enough inside their real world, is that many are hurting. They are facing burnout. They… read more

Risky Business: Changing the Sunday Morning Schedule

By Victor Casad
A few days before our mid-summer Administrative Board meeting, several church members came to my office to share their concerns about the prospect of changing our worship times… read more


By Brett Younger
Mark 1:4-11 The most skeptical New Testament scholars, the ones who question the historicity of almost everything, agree on this story. The baptism of Jesus happened as certainly… read more

Raising a Miracle

By Mike Slaughter
Many are called, but few are chosen. Many want to enjoy God's great gifts, but few are willing to be the manger where true miracles can be born. MP3 | Video Mike Slaughter is Lead … read more

Finding God at Waffle House

By Jacob Armstrong
The First Christmas Story happened over 2000 years ago in a land far away from here. And yet, the story of Jesus' birth still captivates the world today. Jacob Armstrong is the… read more

Sermon Options: January 8, 2012

By Ministry Matters
In the Beginning Genesis 1:1-5 What is your first memory? Some people claim to remember images from infancy; others don't recall any clear memories before age six or seven. If the … read more
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