Sermon Series: Holidays & Emotional Health

By Raquel Mull
3 Week Series Week 1: Giving to Honor Luke 2:8-18 Only seven shopping days left 'til Christmas! Those words bring panic to some of us. How will everything get done? How does… read more

Sermon Series: Gifts

By Bob Holloway
2 Week Series Week 1: Where Do Gifts Come From? Deuteronomy 26:1-19 One Christmas, shortly after my mother-in-law had passed away, a new dish appeared on our dining room table… read more

A Failed Missionary Strategy

By Allan R. Bevere
It has been noticed by many that in the Book of Acts the Apostle Paul had an obvious missionary strategy—start house churches in major cities that exist on major travel and… read more

Cult is a Four-Letter Word

By Shane Raynor
People don't talk about politics or religion in polite company. At least that's what an adult told me when I was in middle school. I had no idea what "polite company" meant, but I … read more

Sermon: Hope-Filled Waiting!

By Travis Franklin
Isaiah 40:1-11 The passage for consideration is a favorite for this season of the Christian year. Isaiah 40 is a powerful passage, marking the beginning authorship of Second… read more

Sermon Series: John the Baptizer

By Douglas Mullins
4 Week Series Week 1: Preparing the Way Luke 1:5-25, 57-66 A man walked into a store seeking a product with which he thought he was familiar. He went to the appropriate section of … read more

Sermon: Let It Be!

By Travis Franklin
Luke 1:26-38 Luke identifies for us a common Advent story—the familiar work of God through the announcement of the angel and the somewhat surprised and confused response of… read more

Sermon: Will Anybody Know?

By Travis Franklin
Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 This incredible passage of scripture from Isaiah is a third part of the prophecy within Isaiah. A disciple of Deutero-Isaiah possibly wrote this third portion. … read more

Rules for Rule Breaking

By Gil Rendle
Movement rule breakers see greater purpose and therefore risk different behaviors or practices for missional ends. Many of our local church and denominational leaders like to see… read more

Don't Give 'em What They Want

By Shane Raynor
In the West, it's hard to grow a church without catering to people's wants and felt needs. We preach super practical sermon series, we offer small groups that are designed to… read more

Sermon Series: Watching for the Light

By Paul L. Escamilla
4 Week Series Week 1: Seeing That Everyone Is Fed Matthew 24:32-44 The Christian world has always been fascinated with the subject of the end times. When I was a young teen, my… read more

Online Community

By Jo Saxton
Jo Saxton is a director of 3DM, a movement/organization helping churches develop a discipling and missional way of being the church. Originally from the UK, Jo was a college… read more
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