An Ethic of Love in Marriage and Divorce

By Felicia M. George
For years now, it has been reported that Christians divorce as often as everyone else in America. In an attempt to determine the validity of this assertion, various sociologists… read more

Deborah (Converge Episode 1)

By Shane Raynor
David Dorn and Clay Morgan join Shane Raynor to discuss Judges 4, which tells the story of Deborah, Barak, and Jael. Also check out Chapter 1 in James A. Harnish's Women of the… read more

Sermon Options: May 26, 2013

By Ministry Matters
WISDOM AND CHRIST PROVERBS 8:1-4, 22-31 Who really is Lady Wisdom? The virtuous incarnation of common sense? The whimsical bridge between secular Near Eastern wisdom writings in… read more

Peace with God

By David N. Mosser
Romans 5:1-5, (6-8) Paul writes: "Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 5:1). We have peace with God. I wonder… read more

Welcome Home

By Teresa Fry Brown
Text Psalm 84:1-2, 10; Revelation 21:1-3 Theme To recognize and honor genuine hospitality and service in the church. Sermon Outline BEAUTIFUL HOME Television and movie story lines … read more

Faith Facing Tragedy

By J. Michael Lowry
Collectively this has been a hard week. News of the tragic terrorist bombing at the Boston marathon was joined last night by the massive explosion here in West, Texas. While… read more

They Call It Heartbreak Hill

By Adam Thomas
They call it Heartbreak Hill. It rises between the twentieth and twenty-first miles of the route of the Boston Marathon. It's not much of a hill, unless you've been running for… read more

Evil Doesn't Win

By Andy Stoddard
April 16 is not my favorite day of the year. This is the day that I remember the power of evil and sin to destroy lives. And it's the day that reminds me that in the journey of my … read more

No Longer an Orphan

By Roberto L. Gómez
John 14:23-29 A few days after my mother died following a prolonged illness, I felt very lonely. My father had died eleven years earlier. I realized I was now an orphan, a person… read more

Sermon Options: Pentecost 2013

By Ministry Matters
GOD'S SECOND GIFT JOHN 14:8-17 (25-27) Jesus is God's greatest gift to the world (John 3:16) . But God wasn't through giving! In our text, Jesus, on his last night with his… read more

The Liberating Word of God

By Vance P. Ross
I view the power of preaching as the divine and contemporary word of God, releasing humans from any imprisoning or enslaving element. This view reflects a theology of preaching as … read more

Resurrection is Real!

By Stephen Handy
Stephen Handy is the senior pastor of McKendree United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN. Stephen is a visionary strategist and partnership collaborator of the gospel message of… read more
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