Church growth

  1. Having Impact Through Others

    Article Having Impact Through Others

    There has been no other life that has had more of an impact on the world than that of Jesus Christ. Virtually everyone readily acknowledges that Jesus Christ changed the course of …

  2. Survey Finds Growth, Vitality in Multisite Church Model

    Article Survey Finds Growth, Vitality in Multisite Church Model

    (RNS) The vast majority of multisite churches are growing, according to a new study, and they are seeing more involvement from lay people and newcomers after they open an…

  3. New Year's Visitors

    Article New Year's Visitors

    New Year’s resolutions are a celebration of good intentions. Some we stick with, some we don’t, but the goal is always to make changes that we know are good for us…

  4. Church for the Unaffiliated

    Article Church for the Unaffiliated

    The American religious landscape is experiencing some fundamental changes. The recent Pew Report highlights findings that question many of the assumptions that previous religious…

  5. Downsizing for Growth

    Article Downsizing for Growth

    I have been a part of two new church building projects, and one expansion, but never a church “downsizing.” Until now. The idea for downsizing our worship space…

  6. Is Your Church in Puberty?

    Article Is Your Church in Puberty?

    I am sure everyone remembers what it was like to be an adolescent. I am also willing to bet that no one remembers particularly enjoying that time of their life—the physical…

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