Church growth

  1. Accruing Power

    Article Accruing Power

    The leadership or nominating committee of any local church is a place where we pastors can do our most productive work. In a best-case scenario, committee members put their heads…

  2. Review: 10 Temptations of Church

    Article Review: 10 Temptations of Church

    If you’re the pastor or a concerned lay person in a church you’re working to revitalize, you need to read 10 Temptations of Church: Why Churches Decline & What to…

  3. Partnerships Turn Churches Around

    Article Partnerships Turn Churches Around

    There are a lot of ways to plant and grow new churches. Some say the multi-site model will become the standard for church growth, with numerous congregations sharing the vision…

  4. The Lie of Well-Roundedness

    Article The Lie of Well-Roundedness

    In my first ministry position I was sure I knew what to expect. Stand up in front of thousands of adoring members of a faithful congregation and present to them an hour’s…

  5. Caring for the Core

    Article Caring for the Core

    Before moving to my present pastorate, I belonged to a fitness club called Sports Village. One section of the gym features five fitness machines called “The Core.” As …

  6. Church, Take Up Your Mats

    Article Church, Take Up Your Mats

    There’s an old joke that speaks directly to one of the biggest issues holding back churches these days: How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb? Change? …

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