1. Ministers Matter (the blog tour!)

    Article Ministers Matter (the blog tour!)

    October is Clergy Appreciation Month, and Ministry Matters is kicking it off with a blog tour celebrating all the unsung heroes of ministry. We've asked some of your favorite…

  2. Unity and Schism in the Early Church

    Article Unity and Schism in the Early Church

    To what extent was the body of Christ unified during the first few centuries of its history? Sometimes, we are presented with an overly optimistic, perhaps mythical, view of the…

  3. Is Your Church in Puberty?

    Article Is Your Church in Puberty?

    I am sure everyone remembers what it was like to be an adolescent. I am also willing to bet that no one remembers particularly enjoying that time of their life—the physical…

  4. Accruing Power

    Article Accruing Power

    The leadership or nominating committee of any local church is a place where we pastors can do our most productive work. In a best-case scenario, committee members put their heads…

  5. Healing Church Conflict

    Article Healing Church Conflict

    Most of our intense conflicts are the result of either the loss or perceived loss of something that is central to our self-identity or sense of well-being. For individuals or…

  6. The New Pastor: Insights for Transitional Leadership

    Article The New Pastor: Insights for Transitional Leadership

    When discussing transitional leadership, it is imperative that one understands and embraces the words transition, change, uncertainty, and patience if there is a desire to serve…

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