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  1. Heaven on Earth (Sermon Series)

    Article Heaven on Earth (Sermon Series)

    An 11-week sermon series on the Beatitudes, based on the book Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now, by Chris Seidman and Joshua Graves Every so often we hear of fighter…

  2. Thanksgiving Sermon Starters

    Article Thanksgiving Sermon Starters

    Thanksgiving is not an explicitly Christian holiday, but our faith in a God to whom we owe so much gratitude makes the holiday an excellent opportunity to gather as a community of …

  3. Light (Four-part series with FREE graphics)

    Article Light (Four-part series with FREE graphics)

    This four-week series outline includes free graphics for projection and printed materials (see downloadable file below). The title and imagery could easily be used for a longer or …

  4. Samson: The Weak Side of the Strong Man

    Article Samson: The Weak Side of the Strong Man

    We all know the basic story of Samson and Delilah from Judges 13-16. We all know that eventually long-haired Samson tells her the secret to his strength and she hands him over the …

  5. Stewards of God's Children

    Article Stewards of God's Children

    A Sermon on Genesis 22:1-18 and Matthew 25:14-27 Our younger daughter Claire’s middle name is “Moriah.” Not Mariah (with an A) like Mariah Carey, but Moriah…

  6. God's Chosen Children

    Article God's Chosen Children

    In my years as a pastor, one of the most wonderful things I have experienced is watching new families begin their lives together. I have celebrated the announcement of…

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