1. What the Church Must Learn from the Penn State Scandal

    Article What the Church Must Learn from the Penn State Scandal

    Wednesday night the Penn State University board of trustees announced the termination, effective immediately, of the school’s head football coach Joe Paterno and president…

  2. Where Now Is Our Authority?

    Article Where Now Is Our Authority?

    Drawn from Tickle's essay appearing in the Participant's Guide to Embracing Emergence Christianity by Tim Scorer As we approach any discussion of the peri-Emergence, we note…

  3. The Seductions of Leadership

    Article The Seductions of Leadership

    The church needs leaders. The church needs good leaders. The church needs leaders who will make other leaders. Smarter people than me have written a lot (a lot) about that…

  4. Christmas Day is a Sunday!

    Article Christmas Day is a Sunday!

    If you haven't made that connection yet, let me be the first to inform you: Christmas Day is on a Sunday! While we all probably wish that everyone so valued the true meaning of…

  5. The Power of Gratitude

    Article The Power of Gratitude

    The figures at the far end of the city park I was about to enter, lurking just outside the bright cone of a streetlight, had the hulking, rounded look acquired by homeless people…

  6. The Children Appeal

    Article The Children Appeal

    Isaiah 64:1-9 The children of Israel appeal to God the Father to reappear as he did among their ancestors. The Story Why did you not tear asunder the heavens and come…

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