1. Is Pope Francis a Universalist?

    Audio Is Pope Francis a Universalist?

    Did Pope Francis really say that everyone is saved? Or are some of us reading too much into last week's homily? Related Links: Pope Francis Says Atheists Who Do Good Are…

  2. Tattoos and Faith

    Audio Tattoos and Faith

    In this episode of Ministry Matters Radio, we discuss tattoos and spirituality and we consider the question, "Should a Christian get a tattoo?"  Guests are Kim Goad and Janet …

  3. Too Old for Ordination?

    Audio Too Old for Ordination?

    The bigger question is not if it's okay to discourage people over 45 from going through the ordination process, but rather, why aren't we discouraging everyone from going through…

  4. Resurrection is Real!

    Audio Resurrection is Real!

    Stephen Handy is the senior pastor of McKendree United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN. Stephen is a visionary strategist and partnership collaborator of the gospel message of…

  5. Speak Responsibly

    Audio Speak Responsibly

  6. The Doughnuts Cry Out

    Audio The Doughnuts Cry Out

    Jacob Armstrong is the pastor of Providence United Methodist Church in Mt. Juliet, TN.Connect with Jacob: Facebook | Twitter

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