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Sermon Options: June 1, 2014

By Ministry Matters
FOUNDATIONS OF PENTECOST ACTS 1:1-11 If, as some legends have it, Theophilus was a lawyer and the book of Acts is Luke's defense brief concerning the value of the apostles, then … read more

Sermon Options: May 25, 2014

By Ministry Matters
FOCUSING YOUR FAITH ACTS 17:22-31 Writing in his Spiritual Biography, William Barclay told how his twenty-one-year-old daughter and her fiance were both drowned in a boating… read more

Sermon Options: May 18, 2014

By Ministry Matters
HOW TO LIVE AND DIE ACTS 7:55-60 The astronauts' observations of the earth from outer space are always awe inspiring. They wax eloquent about the astounding beauty of our… read more

Sermon Options: May 11, 2014

By Ministry Matters
FEELINGS AND DOINGS ACTS 2:42-47 Pentecost had come and gone. The gospel had been preached, and "three thousand persons were added" to the rolls of the Christian church… read more

Sermon Options: May 4, 2014

By Ministry Matters
WHAT SHOULD WE DO? ACTS 2:14a, 36-41 The good news is that "the entire house of Israel [should] know with certainty that God has made [Jesus] both Lord and Messiah" (v. 36). The … read more

Sermon Options: April 27, 2014

By Ministry Matters
WHEN YOU'RE CUT TO THE HEART ACTS 2:36-41 What do you do when you've been cut to the heart? In this passage, we find ourselves in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. Peter… read more
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