1. Don't Just Pray—Get Moving

    Blog Don't Just Pray—Get Moving

    Elvis Presley used to sing, “A little less conversation, a little more action please.” Politicians have used this song (slightly out of context) over the years in…

  2. Little Things Matter

    Blog Little Things Matter

    In making a first impression… The little things matter… A number of years ago, while I was pastoring another church, I felt I needed more buy-in from them in…

  3. 5 Communication Styles You Need to Know

    Blog 5 Communication Styles You Need to Know

    I enjoy people. I’m the guy who looks forward to a party to meet someone new as oppose to dreading have to walk in a room full of strangers. Most of the time that I find…

  4. Faith When You Hit Rock Bottom

    Blog Faith When You Hit Rock Bottom

    For us, the 11th year of our marriage has been our most challenging. My hubby and I have realized anew our dependency on the God who loves us personally. In short, we’ve had …

  5. A Church that Agrees Too Much

    Blog A Church that Agrees Too Much

    After a few years in my congregation, I realized I had a major, however, hidden problem... My church didn't know how to disagree. This may not seem like a problem on the…

  6. Social and Spiritual Capital

    Blog Social and Spiritual Capital

    One major value of religion is its tendency to build social capital for people, creating networks of relationships that sustain them in both practical and spiritual ways. …

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