1. After They Said "Brain Tumor"

    Blog After They Said "Brain Tumor"

    “Brain tumor.” Among the many words you don’t want to hear come out of the mouth of a doctor, these are pretty high up on the list. Even the mitigating words…

  2. Mayberry Style Leadership

    Blog Mayberry Style Leadership

    As a kid I loved reruns of The Andy Griffith Show, which was considered required after school viewing in the small North Carolina town where I grew up. People liked the show (and…

  3. What Your Pastor Wants

    Blog What Your Pastor Wants

    I have such a generous church. Every week someone sends me a note or an email to tell me they are praying for me. I routinely get encouragement when I need it most. Some of our…

  4. Don't Let Worry Win

    Blog Don't Let Worry Win

    When serving as a pastor, I learned that I usually make my biggest mistakes when I’m tired. When I don’t attend to patterns of rest, sleep, exercise, and time away…

  5. Five Things Great Teams Lack

    Blog Five Things Great Teams Lack

    I’ve had the chance to work with and be a part of many great organizations over the years in a variety of sectors– local advertising, regional…

  6. Hire Generalists, Not Specialists

    Blog Hire Generalists, Not Specialists

    In a church plant, no one can be a specialist. In the early days of Grace Community Church, I did many things I wasn’t necessarily trained or qualified to do. That was…

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