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  1. No, They Were Right When They Told You Not to Proof-text

    Blog No, They Were Right When They Told You Not to Proof-text

    In a recent blog post at Ministry Matters, Clifton Stringer contends that proof-texting is not the dangerous practice your seminary professors told you it was, and that Christians …

  2. The Love Chapter (Dave's Paraphrase)

    Blog The Love Chapter (Dave's Paraphrase)

    If I speak in the languages of humans and of divine beings, but do not have love, I am white noise and static, distortion without melody. And if I have a huge blog following, and…

  3. Jesus in Disguise

    Blog Jesus in Disguise

    Preachers often talk about “Jesus in disguise” as a figure of speech, because he identifies with people in desperate situations: poverty, sickness, prison, and so on…

  4. Finding Balance in a World of Extremes

    Blog Finding Balance in a World of Extremes

    Do you ever feel that your life is...losing [a] sense of balance? Would you like to discover a calm center from which to handle the distracting forces of life that seek to move…

  5. Meet Deborah

    Blog Meet Deborah

    In addition to writing and editing for Ministry Matters, I’m also editing a new series of Bible studies for Abingdon Press called Converge. Converge titles are four week…

  6. Biblical Checks and Balances

    Blog Biblical Checks and Balances

    Once you were alienated from God and you were enemies with him in your minds, which was shown by your evil actions. But now he has reconciled you by his physical body through…

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