Church decline

  1. Schism: Good or Bad, Don't Believe the Hype

    Blog Schism: Good or Bad, Don't Believe the Hype

    If you follow religion blogs and news sites, it’s likely you’ve heard buzz about the possibility of schism in the United Methodist Church. The controversies…

  2. Sudafed Christianity

    Blog Sudafed Christianity

    A couple of years ago, I was dealing with a nasty cold, so I headed to my friendly neighborhood Walgreens for some Sudafed. This had been my over-the-counter decongestant of…

  3. Learning from Kodak

    Blog Learning from Kodak

    Kodak—long the most esteemed name in the camera business—declared bankruptcy last month. Many business analysts have been discussing the reasons for the esteemed…

  4. Aging and Church Challenges

    Blog Aging and Church Challenges

    I have a confession. I have had spies at many of the United Methodist Church’s annual conferences during the last few weeks. Well, I guess they weren’t really spies…

  5. Movie Theaters and Church

    Blog Movie Theaters and Church

    I love going to theaters. Check that. I used to love going to theaters. It was always a form of escape. I often went alone because I could be immersed into the world that the…

  6. Dying Churches

    Blog Dying Churches

    If Jesus is Lord of the living, why are there so many dying churches? Ministry is tough. And at its roughest times, it can make us doubt the goodness of God. Why is the Body of…

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