1. The Past, the Future, and Who We Are

    Blog The Past, the Future, and Who We Are

    Over the weekend, while I was in North Carolina visiting family and friends, my Aunt Sue and I went to see the house where she, my mother (who died in 1996), and their other…

  2. 5 Lessons from 'Caine's Arcade'

    Blog 5 Lessons from 'Caine's Arcade'

    The newest celebrity on the Internet is a nine year old kid from East Los Angeles. If you haven't heard of Caine Monroy, he's the star of a short film by Nirvan Mullick that has…

  3. Glimpsing God's Love

    Blog Glimpsing God's Love

    There are different ways to visualize how deep and far God’s love for us goes. Sometimes I get a glimpse of God’s love through a struggle in my life. Since high…

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