People We Haven't Met Yet

by Josh Mauney
In every successful business, we see a concept that is universal. Businesses that are successful and growing are making decisions based on people who don’t have their… read more

Living with Integrity

by Ronald J. Greer
By my integrity I am defined. Out of that integrity I make the choices that become my life. A friend was sitting at a conference table with colleagues at his company. He was… read more

The Greatest Need in the Church Today

by Ministry Matters
What do you consider to be the greatest need in the church today? Discipleship? Relevance? Pete Wilson, Greg Surratt, Mike Slaughter, and Jo Saxton respond. read more

Supporting Young Clergy

by Billy Doidge Kilgore
There is one question that every church should be asking on a regular basis: What are we doing to support young clergy? In general, it is a challenge to be a young adult in the… read more

3 Suggestions for Leadership Transition

by Ron Edmondson
When a new leader enters the picture, the opening days are critical to the leader’s success. First impressions matter. In the numerous times I’ve been the “new … read more

Setting Social Networking Boundaries

by John Voelz
One of the criticisms ministry people have with Social Networking is that it can be addictive. It is always there, it is hard to get away from, and it can be exhausting… read more
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