Back to Zero - eBook

by Gil Rendle
The lifeblood of the United Methodist is passion rather than organizational neatness, entrepreneurial freedom rather than denominational restraint, and agility rather than staid… read more

Boat-time: Finding Refuge at Church Council

by Kasey Hitt
When was the last time you viewed a church meeting as a place of refuge? How about the last time you experienced fatigue in ministry and life? Many of us have experienced the… read more

Sermon Series: Biblical Leadership

by Dan Flanagan
3 Weeks Week 1: Leadership without Fear 2 Samuel 5:1-5 Max DePree begins his book Leadership Jazz with a story about his granddaughter. Zoe was born prematurely, weighing one… read more

Health, Wellness, and Shalom

by Jenny Youngman
Resolution Checkpoint A Franklin Covey poll shows that more than 75 percent of those surveyed will break their new year's resolutions within three months. A third of those… read more

Becoming a Caring Congregation

by Karen Lampe
Life is messy and often painful. No one can avoid the grief and loss that happens in all of our lives at some point. What we do to help one another get through difficult times can … read more

CATCH: Boxed Kit

Do you sometimes feel that you're spinning your wheels trying to attract visitors and welcome them into your church? Help is on the way. Catch is a comprehensive program for… read more
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