The Reason for a ReStart

by Dottie Escobedo-Frank
According to one report, 188,000 orthodox churches in America today are in need of a reStart. The U.S. has 200,000 orthodox Christian churches, and 300,000 churches overall. What… read more

10 Website Best Practices

by Terrell Sanders
1. Everything links to the web for details.One of the easiest ways to save money is to use your website as the place for all details. This lets you reduce the size of your… read more

Unity and Schism in the Early Church

by Charles E. Gutenson
To what extent was the body of Christ unified during the first few centuries of its history? Sometimes, we are presented with an overly optimistic, perhaps mythical, view of the… read more

Possessions Can Possess Us

by Mike Coyner
Mark 10:17:22 Mark 10 tells a sad story of a rich young man who could not leave his possessions behind in order to follow Jesus. Any fair reading of this story leads us to wonder … read more

A Humility Story

by Kent Millard and Judith Cebula
Ron Nored was an all-state point guard at Homewood High School in Homewood, Alabama. As a student at Butler University, Ron studied education and prepared to be an elementary… read more

Discipline and Accountability in a Church Shopper's Market

by Shane Raynor
I grew up in The United Methodist Church, but I wasn’t confirmed until high school. It was about that time that I first encountered The Book of Discipline. I’m not… read more
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