1. Firing the Coach

    Articles Firing the Coach

    For a few days back in January, most of the people in my hometown of Nashville weren't terribly interested in the unrest in Egypt or the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle…

  2. Culture Change the Disney Way

    Articles Culture Change the Disney Way

    On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I spoke with people from Brazil, Australia, the UK, Germany, Japan, and a large majority of the 50 states. Why would people travel from all…

  3. Tales of a Male 'Preacher's Wife'

    Blog Tales of a Male 'Preacher's Wife'

    I’ve heard enough “preacher’s wife” jokes to last me a lifetime. No, I don’t cook a mean casserole. No, I don’t know how to knit. And no, I…

  4. Leading without Playing God

    Articles Leading without Playing God

    My friend John called to tell me he was quitting church. He cited the usual litany of frustrations—needless conflict, boring worship, lack of deep relationships. Then he…

  5. Endowment: Master or Servant?

    Articles Endowment: Master or Servant?

    Last week while on a break during one of my seminars, a minister came up to me to talk about endowments. He had heard me say that our churches are not nearly as involved in…

  6. Interview w/ Mike Slaughter

    Audio Interview w/ Mike Slaughter

    I had the opportunity this week to talk with Mike Slaughter, the lead pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and author of Change the World. Here are a few highlights. The complete…

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