The Arithmetic of Spiritual Leadership

by Thomas G. Bandy
I get tired of church members and church leaders pretending to be something they are not. The current trend for “endorsements” in social networks like LinkedIn really… read more

7 Surprises Since Becoming a Pastor

by Ron Edmondson
I haven’t been a pastor throughout my career. In fact, I spent most of my career to this point in the business world. (I realize that makes me an odd duck in many pastor… read more

Clear Boundaries

by Kimberly MacNeill
…to seek to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you, so that you may walk properly in the presence of outsiders… read more

Choosing Community

by Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson
Two choices. Choosing to live in isolation like Tom Hanks stuck on that island with his sad little volleyball, Wilson, slowly going crazy with nothing but your own thoughts to… read more

Overcoming Seasonal Volunteerism

by Thomas G. Bandy
One of the key challenges for a small church of 200 or less participants is that volunteers disappear when you most need them. Despite the lip service paid to the "Christian… read more

I'm Not Getting Burned Again

by Kimberly MacNeill
“I’m not getting burned again.” Have you ever made this statement? I have. I’ve been burned. I have been emotionally wounded by people in such a way that… read more
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