Addicted to the Institution

by Bill Mefford
I remember when I was in seminary having a really strange conversation with another student. I remember him telling me that he saw the need for change in the United Methodist… read more

Accruing Power

by John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
The leadership or nominating committee of any local church is a place where we pastors can do our most productive work. In a best-case scenario, committee members put their heads… read more

5 Lessons from 'Caine's Arcade'

by Shane Raynor
The newest celebrity on the Internet is a nine year old kid from East Los Angeles. If you haven't heard of Caine Monroy, he's the star of a short film by Nirvan Mullick that has… read more

10 Ways to Be a Good Follower

by Ron Edmondson
I have a strong desire to help improve the quality of leadership in churches and ministries, especially among the next generation of Christian leaders. My youngest son, Nate, who… read more

Avoiding Unnecessary Mistakes

by Shane Raynor
Have you ever given advice to someone knowing they were going to do the exact opposite of what you were telling them to do? It happens to me a lot, although I guess it’s… read more


by William H. Willimon
As a church leader, it’s easy to make the wrong move and find yourself in a bad position. “What to teach; How to teach; What to do,” were the three questions Wesley… read more
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