Please Don't Tell

by Emma J. Justes
“I’ve never told a soul, and you have to promise not to tell anybody.” “Pastor, I wanted you to know before we tell the kids, just in case they come to… read more

The United Methodist Deacon

by Margaret Ann Crain
The United Methodist order of deacon represents the ever-evolving understanding of ordained ministry. But because of the continual changes, there is┬áconfusion about the call… read more

Seven Levers

by Robert Schnase
A lever helps us move an object that otherwise we could never budge. Seven Levers: Missional Strategies for Conferences explores conferences in operational terms… read more

Spiritual Disciplines You Have Time For! Fasting

by Kimberly MacNeill
Scripture Reading: Ezra 8:21, Nehemiah 1:4, Daniel 9:3, Isaiah 58:13-14, Acts 14:23 Think about: What am I going to fast from and when? What am I hoping for as a result of… read more

Called to Youth Ministry: Beth Morris

by Betsy Hall
I was excited to see Beth Morris at the NYWC not just to catch up (we've known each other for awhile) but it's great to know we have youth ministers who are called to youth… read more

Biblical Commentaries at Your Team's Fingertips

by Ministry Matters
Anyone teaching a small group or leading worship understands the need for immediate access to high-quality biblical content. There is an abundance of information to be found on… read more
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