What General Petraeus Teaches Us About Leadership

by Ministry Matters
General David Petraeus is certainly not the first high-profile leader to fall from grace, and he won't be the last. Adultery and deceit are not vices limited to people in power… read more

7 Ways to Gain and Keep Trust as a Leader

by Ron Edmondson
People follow people they trust. Do you want to be a trusted leader? Let people learn to trust you. I’ve found trust develops over time and experience, as we witness… read more

Bitten by Empire

by Ronnie McBrayer
There is an ancient story from the Cherokee Nation that was used to illustrate the danger of getting too close to something dangerous. I first heard it as a child, though… read more

Putting Out Fires without Getting Burned

by Dyton L. Owen
There is a lot of leadership talk going on these days.  Every time you turn around, there is a new book or another seminar being offered about how to be a good leader… read more

Lead Like Butler

by Judith Cebula, M. Kent Millard
Brad Stevens is a great coach, admired and respected for developing winning teams year after year.┬áHis patience and never-give-up attitude will take him a long way as Coach of… read more

Trading Spaces: Elderly Church Makes Way for Growth

by Rachel L. Toalson
During a service last winter that’s been called “moving” and “emotional,” the small, elderly congregation of Asbury United Methodist Church in… read more
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