Why I'm Open to Online Communion

by Shane Raynor
Last year I had the pleasure of having lunch with Andy Langford when he was visiting Nashville. Andy is a well-known United Methodist pastor who has been making a few waves in… read more

Convincing Others to Believe

by James W. Miller
I knew there was a college guy out there somewhere settling into a dorm, scoping out the weekend nightlife, and generally not thinking about the fact that his flippant comment… read more

Relearning My Own Hometown

by Jacob Armstrong
God called me to be a missionary. And then sent me to suburbia. It all started in a hotel room in Atlanta, where my wife and I pledged to God that we would go wherever God wanted … read more


by Marvin Anthony Moss
Most new leaders hear the same phrase in some form: “This is the way we do it here.” Resistance to change is common, and it is deadly to new church leadership.Leadership… read more

Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges to Successful Outdoor Ministry

by Lee Yates
No one would deny how fast life is changing in the 21st century. Education and churches have raced to keep up, with many ministries struggling to find their place in the new… read more


by Don Underwood
Earlier this week I participated in the annual Clergy Retreat that was held for North Texas pastors at a retreat center on Lake Texoma. In order to save money on housing, I drove… read more
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