Review: Streams Run Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color

by Bromleigh McCleneghan
A really ugly article was published the other day, by a retired minister and professor, on the website of a conservative ecumenical “think tank.” If I’m being… read more

A Church In Need of Conversion Series

by Edward H. Hammett
Eddie Hammett will be the guest speaker at the 2014 Cabinet Consultations sponsored by the Lake Junaluska Program Ministries, below are excerpts from his three books. from… read more

Immersed in Change

by Terri Elton
My life has been immersed in change. I know, I know…I’m not alone. But jump in with me in reflecting on these moments, and let’s see if any leadership lessons… read more

The First Sunday and It's Communion

by Ed Trimmer
The First Sunday in a new church is always interesting, especially if you are not just a guest but are going to preach and pastor for a period of time at this congregation. So… read more

Review: David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

by Eric Van Meter
The story of David and Goliath provides a metaphor that reaches far into American culture, from church to business to athletics. It is the quintessential celebration of the… read more

My Degree Is Longer Than Your Degree!

by Jarrod Johnston
Saturday, Leanne and I were at the Sunday School party for one of our young adult classes and struck up a conversation with another guy working on his second master's… read more
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