Living Into Focus

by Arthur Boers
In today's high-speed culture, there's a prevailing sense that we are busier than ever before and that the pace of life is too rushed. Most of us can relate to the feeling of… read more

God's Call

by Melissa Lauber
God Created You for a Purpose When someone speaks about “God’s call,” he or she frequently means a lofty, divine encounter that leads a person to enter a life… read more

Health of a Leader

by Ron Edmondson
I work with a lot of church leaders. One thing I’ve discovered, if they let me get close enough inside their real world, is that many are hurting. They are facing burnout… read more

Risky Business: Changing the Sunday Morning Schedule

by Victor Casad
A few days before our mid-summer Administrative Board meeting, several church members came to my office to share their concerns about the prospect of changing our worship… read more

Unleashing the Word - eBook

Subscription Only
by Adam Hamilton
Imagine announcing a new series of sermons and seeing worship attendance increase by 1,000 people on the first Sunday of the new series. Or consider a pastor developing sermon… read more

Multitasking in Ministry: Don't Do It

by Shane Raynor
I’m a firm believer that most people who volunteer in churches should serve in only one ministry area. And if possible, paid ministry staff should try to do the same thing… read more
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