1. Endowment: Master or Servant?

    Articles Endowment: Master or Servant?

    Last week while on a break during one of my seminars, a minister came up to me to talk about endowments. He had heard me say that our churches are not nearly as involved in…

  2. Interview w/ Mike Slaughter

    Audio Interview w/ Mike Slaughter

    I had the opportunity this week to talk with Mike Slaughter, the lead pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and author of Change the World. Here are a few highlights. The complete…

  3. 7 Things Churches Can Learn from Christian TV

    Articles 7 Things Churches Can Learn from Christian TV

    I suspect if someone were to take a poll on how much people in various careers are trusted by others, television evangelists would fall near the bottom, somewhere between used car …

  4. The Greatest Need in the American Church Today

    Video The Greatest Need in the American Church Today

    This is the first of Ministry Matters' new video series featuring well-known pastors and ministry leaders across America. Check back next week to see featured video of Lori…

  5. Giving Joyfully

    Blog Giving Joyfully

    Being a pastor's family, I don't know if I should admit this, but my husband and I disagree over whether one's tithe (the traditional 10% of gross income one "gives back to God"…

  6. From Stewardship to Generosity

    Articles From Stewardship to Generosity

    A few years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a training seminar at a large United Methodist church. My host was on staff at the church, and he described how he had recently …

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