Trading Spaces: Elderly Church Makes Way for Growth

by Rachel L. Toalson
During a service last winter that’s been called “moving” and “emotional,” the small, elderly congregation of Asbury United Methodist Church in… read more

7 of My Biggest Frustrations as a Leader

by Ron Edmondson
A few weeks ago, someone asked me what my “biggest frustration” is as a leader. As I thought about it, I have to be honest, I have lots. That may point to another area … read more

Church for the Unaffiliated

by James K. Wellman, Jr.
The American religious landscape is experiencing some fundamental changes. The recent Pew Report highlights findings that question many of the assumptions that previous religious… read more

Four Million Dollars for the Church

by J. Clif Christopher
Last week one of our ministry strategists called me to share disturbing news about one of his clients. The pastor had just told him the church was notified they were the recipient … read more

On Christian Celebrity

by Jessica Miller Kelley
In college, there was a group I thought of as “the elite Christian crew.” They were the cool kids active in the bigger campus ministries at our formerly-Baptist… read more

Review: The Teaming Church

by Eric Van Meter
Successful teaming in a church requires a surprisingly geometric approach, according to pastor, author, and speaker Robert Crosby. In The Teaming Church: Ministry in the Age of… read more
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