The Teaming Church

by Robert C. Crosby
The Teaming Church is so good, I had a poster made out of its key ideas and am using that with our team and keeping it in my office.  You cannot have a great church without a … read more

When "Some People" Complain

by Matthew L. Kelley
Pastor Smith is winding down after a long day of ministry. Her first six months in her new church have had their challenges, but overall she feels like she’s being accepted… read more

Ditching Our Stewardship Campaign - for Discipleship

by Martin Thielen
A few months ago our ministry team made tentative plans for this fall’s stewardship campaign. A few weeks later we ditched that plan. Instead, we are going to lead a… read more

Changing Forward

by Paul S. Morton
It was the summer of 1994 and the spiritual atmosphere was electric. We had just launched the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship (FGBCF), and held our first annual conference… read more

Holding the Church Hostage

by Dyton L. Owen
How many times have you heard a member of the church say something along these lines? “If you don’t fire so-and-so, my family and I are going to go to another… read more

Does Clergy Moral Failing Point to a Sick Church?

by M. Kathryn Armistead
Recently in our conference, a pastor took a grave misstep that resulted in a dramatic moral failure. While this is tragic for the clergy person and the parsonage family, it is… read more
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