We Win in the Trenches

by Joseph W. Daniels Jr.
My twenty-two-year-old son Joey was a phenomenal multisport, multi-position athlete in high school. He had the intangibles necessary to win—a big heart, a perceptive mind… read more

Does God Want to Change Your Personality?

by Teddy Ray
I’ve talked with several people who were turned off to Christianity because Christians seem fake to them. In the cases I’m considering, they think our faith tells them … read more

Disciple Multiplication Is the Main Thing

by Christie Latona
To live out our mission in relevant and vibrant ways, two things are required of us: to multiply disciples and to innovate. We can’t manage, restructure, or cut our way out… read more

3 Reasons Your Church Should Feature Multiple Speakers

by JR. Forasteros
Nearly every church I’ve ever been part of (which admittedly have all been some flavor of evangelical) has approached the Sunday morning worship gathering the same way: a… read more

7 Warning Signs a Leader is about to Crash

by Ron Edmondson
I’ve been there. I’ve faced burnout and frustration in my work. Thankfully, I’ve never “bottomed out”, but I’ve felt near the bottom in my… read more

On Visitation

by Ed Trimmer
I have been trying to free up time from my full-time vocational employment one afternoon a week to do visitation. It seems to me there are some generational differences around the … read more
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