Encounters with Orthodoxy

by John P. Burgess
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. The Jesus Prayer of the Orthodox tradition In the spring of 2003 my family and I made a momentous decision. For five… read more

Thoughts on Firing People in Ministry

by Ron Edmondson
This is a difficult post. About a difficult issue. One we don’t necessarily like to talk about. But sometimes we must. I came out of a business background, so some things… read more

In Capable Arms

by Sarah Kovac
Read an excerpt from her new book In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace below. Be sure to read Sarah's bio here! read more

7 Signs Your Church Needs a Power Infusion

by Shane Raynor
Do you ever wonder why some churches seem to grow with little effort while others struggle just to maintain the amount of people they have? Part of this, of course, can be… read more

I'm in a Different Place

by Marvin A. Moss
When I was a student in the fifth grade there would be times that the teacher would have to leave the room. Before she would leave, she would select a student to be in charge… read more

Can the Church Learn from the Coffee Shop?

by Ron Edmondson
I believe the church is to be a cultural change agents in our communities, but the truth is that many coffee shops have taken some of that responsibility. Starbucks supposedly… read more
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