Does Clergy Moral Failing Point to a Sick Church?

by M. Kathryn Armistead
Recently in our conference, a pastor took a grave misstep that resulted in a dramatic moral failure. While this is tragic for the clergy person and the parsonage family, it is… read more

Indecent Exposure

by James C. Howell
I found myself in a conversation with some younger and some older clergy the other day about Facebook exposure. Do we have FB friends in the congregation? What do they see online… read more

Increase Worship Attendance

by Jessica Miller Kelley
In a recent stewardship article, Bob Crossman's first suggestion for increasing giving is to increase worship attendance, since most people will not give when they do not come… read more

Common Stewardship Pitfalls

by Bob Crossman
1. Focusing on Shortfall In the vast majority of Christian Churches, in particular the small congregations, the only financial stewardship emphasis occurs when the church… read more

Third Generation

by Joseph Yoo
My parents are first generation Koreans, or immigrant Koreans. While, technically, I’m Generation 1.5 (because I was born in Korea and moved to the States when I was young), … read more

Teams, Not Committees

by Robert C. Crosby
“Committee” is a Curse Word Have you ever seen the popular sign that says, “For God so loved the word that he did not send a committee”? That is cute and… read more
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