Review: Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days

by Patricia Farris
Paul Borden writes as someone who knows, or rather, as someone who has learned the hard way, all that is truly involved in church renewal. As Executive Minister of Growing Healthy … read more

The Dance of Ministry

by Jay Voorhees
A hundred pounds and two kids ago I was a dancer. In fact, I was a dance caller for the local contra dance group that meets every Friday night in Nashville. For those who… read more

You're Not My Pastor

by Keith Anderson
It's 2001 and I'm in my first class at the Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia, Professor Tim Wengert’s amazing Lutheran Confessions course.  At the time, Professor… read more

How Do I Approach My First Year of Ministry?

by Lyle E. Schaller & Warren Bird
Wisdom from Lyle Schaller, Father of Church Leadership Dwayne's Story Dwayne Hunt had served on staff in two larger churches before he succeeded his father as pastor of a small… read more

Sometimes People Don't Want to Learn

by Ron Edmondson
You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn. It is true. Perhaps you’ve tried. I’ve been worn out trying to teach principles I know someone needs… read more

Ministry of All Christians

by Dave Barnhart
Called by God I’ve just spent three days as part of my annual conference’s board of ordained ministry interviewing people who want to be part of various kinds of… read more
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