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  1. His Love Knows No Limit

    Articles His Love Knows No Limit

    Mark 7:24-37 Sometimes people find it difficult to treat all people the same. We have a tendency to judge one another and treat others different according to their status in…

  2. Who is Jesus?

    Articles Who is Jesus?

    John 6:56-69 Peter’s question haunts us too. Peter asked, “To whom can we go?” The question came at the end of a long two days. The day before Peter asked his…

  3. Using Stories in Sermons

    Articles Using Stories in Sermons

    It is likely that people have never found dull preaching enticing to listen to. But in today’s entertainment age, when even the national television networks feel the need to …

  4. Listening Ears

    Articles Listening Ears

    James 1:17-27 We spend a lot of time in our family discussing good listening skills. You see, we have a three-year-old daughter who is a regular chatterbox. She talks from the…

  5. Startled by God (A Sermon Illustration)

    Blog Startled by God (A Sermon Illustration)

    My eight-month-old daughter startles very easily. She'll be creeping across the floor and if I call to her or walk into her line of sight, she jolts in panic before smiling and…

  6. The Food Rule

    Articles The Food Rule

    John 6:35, 41-51 Many churches operate by an unspoken rule, which is employed for one reason above all others. This unspoken rule, when used, brings people together. We call it…

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