Going Deep with the Bible in Preaching

by Brent A. Strawn
Most Sundays, I am the one who listens to sermons, not the one who delivers them. Listening is definitely the easier job! Of the thousands of sermons I’ve heard over the… read more

Review: A Sermon Workbook

by Eric Van Meter
If Thomas H. Troeger and Leonora Tubbs Tisdale’s love for preaching comes through in their latest collaboration, then their love for teaching about preaching shines even… read more

Review: Giving Blood

by Eric Van Meter
Never one to hold back from provocative statements, Leonard Sweet lays out a bold proposition in the subtitle of his latest book. With Giving Blood: A Fresh Paradigm for… read more

Sermon Options: May 25, 2014

by Ministry Matters
FOCUSING YOUR FAITH ACTS 17:22-31 Writing in his Spiritual Biography, William Barclay told how his twenty-one-year-old daughter and her fiance were both drowned in a boating… read more

Living Stones

by Jennifer H. Williams
1 Peter 2:2-10 Peter, in his first letter, tells us that we are to be living stones: “Come to [Christ], a living stone, though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious… read more

Resurrection Reality

by J. Michael Lowry
John 20:19-31 Do you remember how Walter Cronkite used to close his broadcast by saying, “And that’s the way it is”? Such is a world vision that reflects the… read more
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