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  1. The Wisdom of Wanting Wisdom

    Articles The Wisdom of Wanting Wisdom

    1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14 Professional promotions often engender awkward and strained relationships between leaders and their subordinates. Inexperienced new bosses attempting to…

  2. The Bread of Life

    Articles The Bread of Life

    John 6:24-35 My friends, I invite you to a celebration and an adventure. You are invited to join a growing number of brothers and sisters all over this planet in celebrating the…

  3. Getting Personal: Self-Disclosure and Preaching

    Articles Getting Personal: Self-Disclosure and Preaching

    Self-disclosure in preaching refers to those elements within the sermon in style and substance that disclose the personhood of the preacher and that selectively incorporate the…

  4. Strolling into Temptation

    Articles Strolling into Temptation

    2 Samuel 11:1-15 The biblical writers were suspect with regard to public relations. They revealed most dirty secrets, foibles, and skeletons concerning major Bible characters. We …

  5. Ah, Wilderness!

    Articles Ah, Wilderness!

    Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 The twelve disciples had been hard at work. It was the first recorded instance of their being without the physical presence of Jesus as they did ministry in…

  6. Stewards of God's Children

    Articles Stewards of God's Children

    A Sermon on Genesis 22:1-18 and Matthew 25:14-27 Our younger daughter Claire’s middle name is “Moriah.” Not Mariah (with an A) like Mariah Carey, but Moriah…

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