Sermon Options: November 4, 2012

by Ministry Matters
LOVE THAT LASTS RUTH 1:1-18 The familiar words from Ruth (vv. 16-17) took on new significance when I heard them read at the wedding of two students. The bride was from Russia;… read more

Sermon Options: November 11, 2012

by Ministry Matters
MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN RUTH 3:1-5; 4:13-17 Fiddler on the Roof includes a scene where the heroine implores the town matchmaker to find the right marriage partner for her… read more

The Cosmic Ritual

by Dave Barnhart
Hebrews 9:11-14 The crowd stands and sings the national anthem. Someone throws out the first pitch. People wear goofy outfits, take a seventh-inning stretch, sing “Take Me… read more

Christianity Without Superstition

by John Mcquiston II
Is belief in the Nicene and Apostles Creeds required to be a Christian?  Does science support or diminish belief in the divine?  How does one live Jesus' way in the world? A… read more

The Homiletical Beat

by Eugene L. Lowry
Promoting the idea of sermon as narrative, Eugene Lowry's first book, The Homiletical Plot, became one of the most influential preaching books of the latter part of the 20th… read more

Long-Range Sermon Planning

by Howard Vanderwell
A cartoon appeared in one of the early issues of Leadership, poignantly portraying the common panic of preachers. The preacher sat behind a pile of books, eyes wide with fright… read more
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