Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus

by Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Matthew 2:1-12 Jesus is in the heritage of Israel. The beginning of Matthew’s Gospel makes it clear: Jesus is the son of David, the son of Abraham. In today’s text… read more

The Return of Christ

by Shane Raynor
With all the uncertainty surrounding the 2012 phenomenon, it seems a little more fitting this year to actually focus on the second advent of Jesus Christ during... well... Advent. … read more

Sermon Options: December 30, 2012

by Ministry Matters
A REASON TO KEEP GROWING 1 SAMUEL 2:18-20, 26 A person who has a purpose for which to live has a reason to keep growing. And when a person keeps growing, life becomes an… read more

Who Are Those Remarkable Children?

by Tracy Hartman
2 Samuel 2:18-20; Luke 2:41-52 Picture in your mind a child you know who is remarkable. It can be your own child, or someone else’s—but focus your mind’s eye on … read more

Thanksgiving Sermon Starters

by Ministry Matters
Thanksgiving is not an explicitly Christian holiday, but our faith in a God to whom we owe so much gratitude makes the holiday an excellent opportunity to gather as a community of … read more

Sermon Options: December 23, 2012

by Ministry Matters
THE DYNAMICS OF EXPECTANCY MICAH 5:2-5a When the wise men told Herod the Great that a new king had been born within his realm, he was deeply disturbed because he knew of… read more
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