Integrity in All Things

by Eradio Valverde Jr.
Job 1:1; 2:1-10; Psalm 26; Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:5-12; Mark 10:2-16 At first reading, it might appear that all these lessons from the Old and New Testaments are about marriage. They… read more

Sermon Options: September 30, 2012

by Ministry Matters
THE HUMBLE HEROINE ESTHER 7:1-6, 9-10; 9:20-22 This text is surrounded by a truly captivating story: God’s people are living in exile, yet God is present with them… read more

Do Not Forbid

by Thomas Lane Butts
Mark 9:38-50 It started early, that ugly, erosive, and persistent blight on Christianity. You might have thought it would take a generation or two before this selfish idea began… read more

The Teacher’s Achilles Heel

by Philip Wise
James 3:1-12 The teaching profession has always received mixed reviews. Teachers are universally revered. At the same time young people are advised not to become teachers because … read more


by Carl L. Schenck
James 3:13-18; Mark 9:30-37 Ambition fuels human behavior. Many events in people’s lives are motivated by ambition. A shopkeeper strives to find new ways to display goods… read more


by Paul Scott Wilson
Fusion is a practice in sermons that attempts to establish a seamless unity between the biblical text and the congregation such that listeners discover their own reflection in the … read more
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