Sermon Options: September 8, 2013

by Ministry Matters
TEARING DOWN THE WALLS PHILEMON 1-21 In this very personal letter to Paul's friend Philemon, Paul once again challenges believers to step out of the status quo. Through… read more

The Original Requirements for Discipleship

by Thomas Lane Butts
Luke 14:25-33 This passage becomes more poignant when we remember that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem when he said this, and he was well aware of the danger he would face… read more

The Sermons of John Wesley

by Jason E. Vickers, Kenneth J. Collins
A new and engaging collection of sermons that embraces the historic 44 sermons that John Wesley approved, plus the 8 more of the North American collection (52 sermons) and to this … read more

Sermon Options: September 1, 2013

by Ministry Matters
A SACRIFICE OF PRAISE HEBREWS 13:1-8, 15-16 Through the simplicity and power of this passage we are challenged to live a life of service through the simple challenge to… read more

Sermon Series: Missions with the Lord's Prayer in Mind

by Gary G. Kindley
4 Week Series Week 1: Missions in the Name of God Matthew 6:9 “Youth mission trip,” “summer service project,” and “spring workcation”… read more

Sermon Options: August 25, 2013

by Ministry Matters
HOW DARE YOU? HEBREWS 12:18-29 In a "Peanuts" comic strip, good old Charlie Brown is reading while Lucy swings. He says, "It says here that the world revolves around the sun… read more
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