God Will Provide

by Douglas Mullins
Genesis 22:1-14 There are a lot of directions one can run with a Scripture passage like this, but there is one prominent biblical truth that surfaces here, and is reinforced in… read more

Sermon Options: July 20, 2014

by Ministry Matters
DREAMING GOD'S DREAM GENESIS 28:10-19a Helen Keller was asked what would be worse than being born blind. She responded, "To have sight and no vision." One of the essential keys… read more

Sermon Options: July 6, 2014

by Ministry Matters
THE POWER OF COMMITMENT GENESIS 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67 Someone has pointed out that in a society like ours, where Eharmony.com and Internet dating are considered normal, the… read more

Sermon Options: June 29, 2014

by Ministry Matters
A WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE GENESIS 22:1-14 The possibility of a child to bless the home of Abraham and Sarah hinged on a promise given by Jehovah and seemed only a remote… read more

Sermon Options: June 22, 2014

by Ministry Matters
FAMILY MATTERS GENESIS 21:8-21 Strained relationships, jealousy, favoritism, and stress are a few of the normal struggles every family must manage. I was thirty-four years old… read more

Sermon Options: June 15, 2014

by Ministry Matters
AN EYE FOR THE FUTURE  GENESIS 1:1-2:1 Creation set in motion God's divine vision for the future. Creation is believable and dependable and it is marked by paradox. The… read more
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