by Carl L. Schenck
James 3:13-18; Mark 9:30-37 Ambition fuels human behavior. Many events in people’s lives are motivated by ambition. A shopkeeper strives to find new ways to display goods… read more


by Paul Scott Wilson
Fusion is a practice in sermons that attempts to establish a seamless unity between the biblical text and the congregation such that listeners discover their own reflection in the … read more

Worshipful Giving

by Chris J. Hayes
Mark 12:38-44 Jesus’ teaching refocuses our attention to what should be important in life. Too often we allow the riches and treasures of this world to consume our thoughts … read more

His Love Knows No Limit

by Jimmy McNeil
Mark 7:24-37 Sometimes people find it difficult to treat all people the same. We have a tendency to judge one another and treat others different according to their status in… read more

Who is Jesus?

by Ross West
John 6:56-69 Peter’s question haunts us too. Peter asked, “To whom can we go?” The question came at the end of a long two days. The day before Peter asked his… read more

Using Stories in Sermons

by Adam Hamilton
It is likely that people have never found dull preaching enticing to listen to. But in today’s entertainment age, when even the national television networks feel the need to … read more
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