Sermon Series: Holidays & Emotional Health

by Raquel Mull
3 Week Series Week 1: Giving to Honor Luke 2:8-18 Only seven shopping days left ’til Christmas! Those words bring panic to some of us. How will everything get done? How… read more

Sermon Series: Gifts

by Bob Holloway
2 Week Series Week 1: Where Do Gifts Come From? Deuteronomy 26:1-19 One Christmas, shortly after my mother-in-law had passed away, a new dish appeared on our dining room table. … read more

Sermon Series: John the Baptizer

by Douglas Mullins
4 Week Series Week 1: Preparing the Way Luke 1:5-25, 57-66 A man walked into a store seeking a product with which he thought he was familiar. He went to the appropriate section … read more

Sermon Series: Watching for the Light

by Paul L. Escamilla
4 Week Series Week 1: Seeing That Everyone Is Fed Matthew 24:32-44 The Christian world has always been fascinated with the subject of the end times. When I was a young teen, my … read more

Mark: 9-week reading plan and sermon series

by Ben Reed
Sometimes an extended sermon series on one book of the Bible is a great way to help people dig deeply into scripture and understand the larger scope of the biblical narrative. At… read more

Sermon Series: Our Baptismal Vows

by Jennifer H. Williams
3 Week Series Week 1: Prayer: An Oprah-Style Sermon Colossians 1:1-14 What is prayer? We will explore this question in an “Oprah-style” sermon. That means it… read more
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