‘Left Behind,’ the rapture and God's plan for creation

by Peter Surran
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Converge Bible Studies

by Converge Bible Studies
Converge Bible Studies is a series of topical Bible studies based on the Common English Bible. Each title consists of four studies on a common topic or theme. Converge can be used … read more

Upside Down Flash Drive

by Jacob Armstrong
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls us to a radically different way of life. Jacob Armstrong shares all the tools you need to create a sermon series right for your… read more

The God Story Flash Drive

by Jacob Armstrong
The God Story follows the threads that run throughout the story of God’s people, leading finally to Jesus and the resurrection. Using classic components of storytelling, help… read more

Loving Large Flash Drive

by Jacob Armstrong
In a world that seems to run on money, greed, oil, power, and more, what would our world look like if it ran on the love of God? How can we infuse this world-changing love into… read more

Rehearsing Before You Preach

by Lewis Parks
John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, told preachers who had trouble pronouncing certain words to listen to those who pronounced them correctly, then read those… read more
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