By Michael W. Waters
Hospitality is always in season, and honey is a symbol of radical hospitality for me. The coming of spring brought with it the usual chorus of sneezes and coughs. The visual… read more

The Past, the Future, and Who We Are

By Shane Raynor
Over the weekend, while I was in North Carolina visiting family and friends, my Aunt Sue and I went to see the house where she, my mother (who died in 1996), and their other… read more

An Ethic of Love in Marriage and Divorce

By Felicia M. George
For years now, it has been reported that Christians divorce as often as everyone else in America. In an attempt to determine the validity of this assertion, various sociologists… read more

Home Improvement (Four-Part Sermon Series)

By Doug Stockton
Everybody knows their house needs regular maintenance to keep things in good repair. But we sometimes fail to recognize how much our homes need spiritual maintenance. “Home… read more

Preaching on Parenting

By Dave Stone
Feeling a little unqualified to preach on parenting? Take heart. Jesus did it and so can you. Once there was a preacher who had no children, who preached a series of sermons… read more

Taking Children's Safety Seriously

By Tricia Brown
Christy’s friend was discussing churches. During one discussion Christy gave her opinion on one of the churches she and her husband had visited a year or two earlier… read more
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