Preaching Controversial Issues

By Adam Hamilton
When preaching on controversial issues, preachers must decide whether the aim is to influence their hearers, or simply to irritate them. The latter is easy, requires no skill, and … read more

3 Ways Preachers Undermine the Bible (and the Sermon)

By Clifton Stringer
You’re sitting in church, if not innocently, then at least penitently. The preacher (bless his soul!) says something in the sermon that undermines the Bible, and… read more

The Mind of Christ in Lent

By Marion Soards, Thomas Dozeman, Kendall McCabe
Lent is probably the most widely observed season in the Christian year. Churches which ignore Advent, prefer Mother's Day to Pentecost, and isolate the observance of Christmas and … read more

3 Reasons Your Church Should Feature Multiple Speakers

By JR. Forasteros
Nearly every church I’ve ever been part of (which admittedly have all been some flavor of evangelical) has approached the Sunday morning worship gathering the same way: a… read more

Don't Emote, Show Emotion

By Tom Fuerst
I rarely listen to preaching*, but a few weeks ago I was listening to one of the most famous preachers of our time, the great Tim Keller, teach through a section of scripture in 1 … read more

Review: The Abingdon Creative Preaching Annual 2015

By Eric Van Meter
Jenee Woodard wants her readers to look deeply into the scriptures of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) and to listen quietly to the voice not only of the texts themselves, but… read more
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